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Don't you hate it when...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mr_messy, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. when you're riding down Flinders St, you're looking ahead, down towards King St intersection where you want to turn, checking your speedo and then you see two flashes go off together because you just went through a red light camera.

    Just got snapped tonight. Went right through a red light cos I was looking at the green light down the street and didn't notice the big red one that I went through. Same with the taxi driver in the lane beside me.

    There goes how many points and how many dollars?
  2. Lucky it was just a flash of a camera coming at you and not a car eh...
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  4. Someone here at work recently got done, and it was a $200 odd fine and 3 points......if you were speeding probably more.
  5. If it happened to me I'd be more worried about the fact that I ran a red light and only noticed afterwards.
  6. I wont be whinging about the fine when I get it.
    I did go through an intersection with cars waiting to take off. So I'm counting myself lucky.
    I'll take it like a man.
  7. Yeah, the intersection of Lonsdale st and Swanston st (going towards russell st) is bad too because just after the intersection there is a ped crossing. Although there isnt a cam there ive seen a few people run the red, including a motorbike who almost got cleaned up by a taxi (driving on swanston st) who looked like he was going faster than the 30kmph swanston st speed limit anyway...

    But yeah, they position GREED CAMERAS well...
  8. $215 and 3 points :evil:
  9. Might get away with it, if the camera too a shot with both u and the taxi in it and the authorities cant clearly tell its u. Likely hood isnt too high though.

  10. I was on the outside lane, closer to the footpath, so I doubt that I had the plates obscured.
  11. Today I lane split to reach the front of the trafic and the light turned green before I was half way through. So I throtled it and got in front of the first cars before they got of the line. Problem was they had stopped to let an ambulance through. I thought it was a cop behind me and went even faster. I figure I'm lucky not to be a passenger in that ambo. ALWAYS slow through at suss out intersections and NEVER ride in a crappy mind set as ambo aside, I almost got run over by a train and a tram on the same ride due to reckless and un-observant riding.

    Just one of those days:'( may God forgive me.
  12. :shock:

    Geezeeerrrzzzzzzzzzz You Lot
    Settle Down
    and WATCH whats going on AROUND You :evil: