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Dont you hate it when...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Riderman, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. On a relatively unknown road, i.e. one i dont take everyday, i filtered to the front, to turn left (in the left lane)

    now, the left lane was either to go straight or turn left

    as you know, when the lights go green, the go straight light goes green first, turn turn left (arrow) comes on after (after the pedestrian crossing lights go red).

    so there i was at the front, signalling left and everyone behind me wanted to go straight with the guy behind beeping and flashig his lights

    embarassing. thats giving filtering a bad name!
  2. yeah unlucky break there lol
  3. there is nothing wrong with that at all??
  4. Handy hint: Go at the green, stop as close as you can to the ped. crossing and tuck the bike in parallel to the crossing, so traffic moving straight ahead can go past.

    I do that even if I didn't filter to the front, because that means the guy behind you can continue on, they do really appreciate the gesture.
  5. One of these days im so going to jump the lights, get off and push my motorbike across the crossing, hop back on the other side and go again, thereby beating the lights.
    If i can be bothered - probably not.
  6. Does anyone know if both of these things can be charge-able if a cop who's having a bad day sees you?
  7. I'm fairly certain the second can be because you are in control of a motor vehicle. Even pushing is considered in control of, hence someone pushing their pushy down the road can be down for drink driving, as stupid as that sounds.
  8. My recent scenario was slightly different:

    2 lanes of traffic and I just happened to be the bunny that got stopped at a set of lights. I was in the left lane and was going straight ahead, but there was a left turn from the lights. I was on the right side of the left lane due to uneven road on the left.

    We got a green light to turn left (but I was going straight ahead, so stayed put at the red)..... I notice that the guy behind me is inching right up my clacker, so I turn and say " what the hell are you doing?".... as which point he waves at me as if to say "hi"!!

    He then manages to slide slowly passed me on my left (er!!... no room to spare!!) to make the turn:?
  9. Yeah, tweets, I always just move a little more to the right if it's possible to let them past to turn left. Fairly standard. Or I'll go forward more and give them the room.
  10. i just get of the bike and start kicking their car.
  11. I would have been pissed too. If i was at the front of a queue to go, and all of a sudden i couldnt go because someone blocked me....
    Very unfortunate for you though, you couldnt have known.
  12. They could book you for both, but would be pricks for the first. I suspect the second you would just get a good talking too.
  13. Yep. I've never been booked for just shuffling out of the way, it's just good manners.

    Hell, did it for a cop car in Chatswood the other day, he just smiled and waved. Can't imagine being booked for being considerate. :-s
  14. Just move the bike out of the way to allow the traffic to move.
    I always if I filter to the front allow access to cars to pass me if needed.
    Your bike is not as wide as a car.
  15. Just put the tinted visor down, stay put, and give the guy behind u the finger and stare them down.
  16. jump up and down on their bonnet and roof, they really hate that.
  17. I like the idea of this... Cars filtering past a bike. It'd make me feel uncomfortable too, but probably no less comforable than those buggers who look agog as I try to weave my mirrors past their mirrors...:angel:
  18. Got caught out in a similar fashion today by a bus priority light. I was parked initially before I rode across the ped xing and stopped in the right turning lane in front of a bus, in the normal turning lane. Thought it was a normal looking traffic light until a white B appeared and the bus beeped me. I shuffled into the left turn lane to let him go, when the normal green came up, leaving me in limbo and trying to merge with a queue of cagers trying to get around a turning bus.

    Next time I'll just pretend I'm a bus.
  19. Then you'll get done for having tinted windows..............
  20. cops have em so its okay