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dont ya just love more idiots?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nibor, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. lol.
    tempted to post up this guy's mobile, but i wont. yet.

    anyway, this tosspot who i work at Coles with, thinks its funny to use my bike as a bin. he puts his empty Benson&Hedges ciggy packet down behind the screen of my VTR, in front of the instrument panel. i found it there for the 2nd time, tonight :evil:

    this was after i spent 20min searching for my boot :evil: :evil: asked every staff who was instore at the time, which was about 4 people, it was almost 1am. it had been moved downstairs from the changerooms, and put up on a metal span, one of those used run cables across the room in the roof of a building. this was about 3 or 4m up, so i had to make a makeshift ladder to get it! only found it, after one of the nightfill blokes said they had been playing with it near where we were standing, he goes oh it might be around here, look around. oh hey, up there *points*"

    so he obviously knew, but i dont think he is the kind to take part in it. then again, i thought the same of one of the Duty Managers/grocery staff. yet Tosspot mentioned he was involved in this tonight.

    after i got my boot and walked out, i found the ciggy packet, and cracked the shits. walked back inside, and approached Tosspot, who admitted doing it, saying its not like ive played any pranks before, and if i showed more respect to my Bosses (he seems to think he is one :roll:), i might get some back. that was "tip of the week" from him.

    can anyone explain how hiding my belongings so i cant leave, and abusing/fiddling with my bike (the hazards were switched on when i turned the key :evil: nothing else seemed wrong, but i checked everythingg) will get me to respect him??

    oh and any suggestions for his car? ive been told its a Ford XR6 with a gay spoiler. i will find out for sure what he drives, but it wont be hard with about 6 cars in the carpark at night.

    so far ive come up with pissing on the windows, shitting on the bonnet, any rotten food (i work in fresh produce :grin:) in general for the bodywork. dropping the tyres obviously.

    anyone what his mobile? :LOL:

    :evil: :evil: :evil: fVcking pissed off atm, cant sleep till i calm down a bit...
  2. Shove it up his tailpipe and tell him we're even.
  3. fcuk his box of shit car, why would you waste your time? :?

    Mate, you are experiencing workplace bulling. The only thing you can do now is smack him in the face continually until he learns his lesson or his skull implodes. :wink:
  4. Start work place harrassment procedures.
  5. yeah, im going in early before my shift tomorrow, Rob. hopefully the cameras in the receiving bay have him on it, with my boot in hand. and anyone else involved if they may be. i can prove anything yet, nor the ciggy packets, but its pretty obvious. will be asking what i need to do in regards to a formal harrassment complaint.

    then i'll shit on his bonnet :twisted:
  6. dog shit under the door handle is good too :wink:
  7. So you work at Coles right ???

    Get some unsold prawns (ones that stumpy has identified lol) . . . and place them in his air vents.

    Takes ages for the smell to disappear !!!
  8. What ever you do don't try and fight him robin, you are small and he will break you! :p

    Certain other 4 letter long nicknames members of NetRider who bought draggins off you are happy to help out with anything you can plan though.
  9. If only Coles had moderators. You could be one and cut those actions out, without need the need to engage his ass.
  10. Assholes like that piss me off.
    I assume Jomo wasn't kidding when he said you were small, My Advice ..

    Not havin a shot .. I'm a small guy and for those times I felt 'bullied', I found the most succesful way to put a stop to it was to confront the 'pricks'. Not saying to start a fight, ( at my age, it wouldnt work ) but be firm, angry, threaten him with the 'unknown'. ie " You don't want to find out to what lengths I am prepared to go to put a stop to it"
    If he persists after that, then make your move whether it be reporting him, or paying him a visit with a few pals u have here.
    Good Luck !
  11. All you need is a forklift and a spare pallet. Stick his car somewhere 3-4 metres above the ground and see how funny he finds it :twisted: :LOL:.
  12. Mate, dont play his game it will only give him more ammunition to fcuk around with your bike.
    Start a formal process from the workplace harassment angle and document everything. Make sure your official bosses document everything. If Coles own the carpark you should be well and truly covered too.

    EDIT: VIC, WorkCover Bullying Link
  13. Alternatively, although it's not really fair and you shouldn't have to, in some ways finding a different job might make life simpler.

    But I agree, don't get into an escalating war of 'pranks' that quickly turn into malicious damage - that way lies a wrecked bike and potential legal problems. Do it the right way: tell him it constitutes harrassment and if it occurs again you'll be starting proceedings, and be willing to follow up if necessary. Apart from anything else if the prick gets educated it saves other people in the future as well as yourself.
  14. You mean there are times when you would consider that necessary?
    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :LOL:
  15. Sounds like you need to get him back where it hurts, you need to get him fired and preferably with a complimentary court case coming from coles.

    There are ways you could do this to him, but I know nothing about how the store works, what you could do to trigger it off in your case ect so that fun parts for u.

    Many of ways you can get the sucker back. Tell me everything you know about him and il try cook you up a storm hel never see coming. ;)
  16. Just keep in mind... You stuffing with his car is going to end in a lot less tears for him that him stuffing with your bike is for you. He can get at everything on the bike more easily, and you're not surrounded by a tonne of metal when your bike stuffs up.

    Definitely go the official route IMO - if he keeps it up - you won't have to deal with it for long as he'll be fired anyway
  17. Don't touch his car or anything else of his, Robin...It'll only ramp it up to more serious shit with your bike.

    Accept that you might have to put up with him messing with your boots etc, but make it clear that your bike is OFF-LIMITS...If he does'nt get the message, then head-butt the bastard AFTER HOURS! (while you have still have your helmet on).
  18. Don't mess with his car, that just involves you in the same kind of
    behaviour and validates his game as if it were the correct and normal
    thing to do.

    Don't argue with him verbally or physically either.

    You could use a little humiliating humour to start with, such as saying
    to him loudly in front of his mates
    "I know you keep messing with my stuff, are you in gay love obsession
    with me or something? Do I have to report you as a stalker and lock
    away my dirty jocks? Cos I don't really want to bone your ass OK"
    His mates will laugh and he'll say something tough but the behaviour should soon taper off. [EDIT] the key is "humour" and "good-natured".

    If not, report it through work officially.
  19. Don't engage him and escalate the situation. Don't mess with his car, and don't resort to attempting intimidation tactics with him in front of others. You need to be adult about it.

    Approach him at work, and state that you don't appreciate what he's been doing, and that him messing with your bike can result in dangerous consequences for you. Tell him that if he has any issues with you professionally, that you would like to sit down with him and talk about them and work with him to resolve them. State calmly that if he chooses instead to continue to harass you and interfere with your vehicle and possessions that you will have no option other than to initiate a work harassment complaint with his superiors.

    Anything else is just going to inflame the situation and may well go beyond cigarette packets on your bike and your boot "misplaced".
  20. +1 with the above....

    ...though if you really wanna get his car, buy a valve removal tool and take all 4 of his tyre valves.