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Don't watch the pot, it takes too long to boil.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nickt, Nov 21, 2008.

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  2. is it like a hover bike or something? why the long wait?
  3. I get off my P's on Tuesday morning :grin:
  4. Sorry but you're right. The closer it gets the slower it goes.

    It'll slow down so much that, for you, Monday will never arrive. :grin:
  5. only 2 days and 23 hours to go!!
  6. If you're boiling your pot, ur doin it rong. :p
  7. *cough*wrong*cough*

    WOW stepping up from a 125! what u gonna get?
  8. GSXR750, i'll have a new bike thread about it in a few days ;-)
  9. In lolcat speeling: korect. I has it.
  10. You'd wanna hope tomorrow aint 'Ground-Hog Day' :LOL:
  11. Ah the bike more people love to pinch!

    Keep it locked securely when motionless!
  12. I have the Sydney bike show to keep me entertained today.. and World of Warcraft to keep me going on Sunday :p Monday at work is going to be tough.

    That does worry me a bit, though I have undercover parking at both work at home.. but sometimes that just means it's easier to steal it because no one can see it. :/
  13. I'm getting my upgrade bike (ER-6f) on Tuesday (I hope) and it was supposed to be last thursday - so I'm starting to feel it will never happen! Good luck holding out the next couple of days.... I'm with you these next couple are going to be the longest ever!
  14. Hey this wouldn't happen to be Nick Triant.....

    This is your cousin here dude, i never knew this would be you. What gave it away was you saying your getting a gsxr750, i was talkin to your dad 2 days and i asked about you and he said you bought a 750 sportsbike. There's only one 750, and thats the gsxr.

    Very nice bike man, my mate bought a new 600 and they are sick.

    What colour did you get? What you gonna do with the 125?

    Tim :grin:
  15. hahaha oh my god Tim.. how could I not realise it was you! ;P ahh that's too funny. I'll ride the bike over next week and show you. :grin:

    black/orange, simon is borrowing the 125 for a few months on his L's :p
  16. Yeh i actually found an old post i did of the K9 1000, and you were saying on there you were getting a 750, and i saw the pic you did. Very nice, best colour in 750 range.

    Come over any day, im home, i finished uni now thank god.

    Haha, Simon got convinced to get his licence too now ay, steve got his L's, he can go for his P's but hasn't had much practice in traffic, only around the block. Should lend him the 125 to do his MOST.

    Send us a message, il PM you my new number, i dont have yours anymore as well.

    Later Nick.
  17. Pfft. He can hire a bike, sif i'm letting Steve touch my beautiful 125! he'll break my 0 drop record :p pm sent
  18. Did you test ride a bike similar to the one you're getting? That makes it much harder - knowing what you are missing. I did that for the bike I have at the moment and it was an agonising wait - so I can sympathise.

    Sounds like you are on the right track - have something to do that will stop you from watching the clock go backwards.

    It is very touching to witness a family reunion of two netriders, maybe they'll make a movie about it one day! Such a small world!

    Hang in there. It's worth the wait.

    Just make sure you have insurance covered etc beforehand. No doubt you'll be racking up the kilometres as soon as the bike is on the road. Have you organised two weeks off to spend time with your favourite thing in the whold world.

    I loved the comment about Groundhog day ... very clever.
  19. I didn't get to test ride because I'm not off my P's yet, but I knew which bike I wanted so I don't really have a problem with that. coming off my 125, anything will be an insane upgrade. insurance is taken care of :)

    and yes.. netrider: bringing cousins back together :grin:
  20. Insane upgrade is a good way to put it.

    video games seem to pass the time quickly, got a playstation or something? Hours can disappear in a matter of minutes on one of those things - you won't have so long to wait!

    There is a big police blitz on over Christmas so ride safe and enjoy your new era of freedom.