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Don't try and wave to people

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sonicbaz, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Yer, well I was waving to people as I left work yesterday and nearly fell off, totally uncool don't bother waving just nod.

  2. Yep did that on the first week i had my bike....almost tragic
  3. yea its always tempting to wave when pulling out of carpark..... but i also learnt lesson to nod
  4. I found raising my left hand a bit is safer than nod as I don't have to take my eyes off the road, especially on corners or intersection.
  5. mind you, nodding can be just as bad.

    when i first started I nodded at every bike I could until I realised that sometimes riding through an intersection whole trying to nod 90 degrees to yourself isn't the best plan...

    keep your eyes on the road :-k :LOL:
  6. just flash ur lights or toot ur horn,trust me its safer
  7. And the differance from waving to someone or scratching a body part or readjusting your helmet/gear or turning your fuel to reserve is ?

    Yeah sure if your going to wave to someone or readjust/scratch when you do need two hands on the bars well, your just asking for trouble :p

    but if your on a straight stretch of road there should be no problem with a one or even two handed wave to someone

    :grin: :cool: :grin:
  8. one safer option I am thinking of adopting is to rock your head to the right.. this way, you dont take your eyes off the road.. it can throw you off balance a little though..
  9. Fuggem...... let em wave at you....then you can be cool and just ignore em.... :cool:
  10. :biker:
    peace boys.. give us a hi5 sometime :dance:
  11. Drop it down a gear and do a wheelie and ride it like a horse :cool:
  12. Just wave before you take off??????
  13. you could try what i've done before, bag up the rear and do a big burnout instead of waving.... (ok, i'll admit I was giving my bike a rev to show off as i was pulling away, and accidently popped my clutch! I sh*t myself as I've never done that before...hehe, looked good tho!)

    maybe I should stick with the nod too.....
  14. I nod, sometimes I just keep looking straight ahead and just nod. You really don't have to look at who you nod to. They can see you...... unless you want to check to see if they are nodding also. :D
  15. i just toot the horn
    its easy and simple
  16. C'mon people. It's not that hard to wave or nod to someone while travelling in a straight line. Even while going around sweepers it's not too hard to take your left hand off the handlebars for a second to give a wave. Granted, if you hit something, like a stick or bump/ripple on the road at that moment, it could all go pear shaped real fast.
  17. I've found flicking people the bird has come easily and naturally to me, 4 months into riding, so it can't be too hard to wave!

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. It's not hard to nod you head at all and still maintain sight on the road, and also not get unbalanced, and thats coming from someone who has only been riding for a couple months.
  19. Lanesplitting down the Monash carpark tonight I was watching a rider in front of me just going about his business. Gave 'deathies' to all the drivers who blocked his path and nothing to the nice drivers who moved over for him. I always nod or to drivers who do the right thing and ignore those who don't.
  20. I always give a wave to anyone who has moved over for me or appeared to show me some courtesy. I think it goes a long way in the driver - rider relationship. :angel: