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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    Well, the PortFairy/Campbell ride went great... Although, my bike was not working all that well on the ride there... Seemed to be unbalanced..... Did not feel right..... So, when we got there, Black Beauty and I were mulling about wondering why the bike seemed a little unsettled as he and I were holding a good pace through the twisties.

    Anyways, the bike would dive into the corner well, but would then feel unsettled through the corner until I was on the gas....

    Looking closely at the bike it seems that the ride height and preload on the left and right sides were different. Now, I know I set them exactly the same about a month or so ago and now the right side rear shock was 5 to 100mm higher than the left. So, what we have is a VERY UNBALANCED geometry.

    So, this is where I make a small announcement.

    Adjusting something on someones bike without telling them is not a nice thing to do. So, in future, people, dont touch other peoples bike and if you do... Let them know....

  2. lol. I had someone adjust the clutch on my bike while on a ride (because they thought it was loose - didn't tell me). Next thing you know I am riding down the road revving the thing like crazy and thinking somehting was wrong because the clutch wasn't 'catching' at the same time it used to.

    Good call Sir Skuffy!
  3. Erk.. I would have been mightly pissed off with someone putting their grubby hand on my bike and messing with it :x

    Note to self: Never play with another person's knobs.
  4. By the way......

    After I reset the ride height and rebound to what it should be, the bike performed perfectly...
  5. In another club I ride with, touching someones elses bike is a NO NO, with exclusion from future rides the ultimate penalty for repeat offenders.
  6. Talk about an extremely dangerous thing to do. You could have been squiggling all over the road. Rash actions that could have resulted in serious injury for both you, other riders, riding with you and possibly for traffic moving in opposite direction
  7. man i can understand the annoyance.

    but are you sure it was someone from netriders or are you just making a general statement in hopes of the numptie who played with your knob reading it and getting the idea not to?
  8. Yes, it was a little harrowing at times... I am sure Black Beauty can confirm. THe bike always wanted to run wide and I was far from happy....

    Yes, it could have resulted in an accident and could certainly have hurt others. I am not angry, just a little dissapointed that that this could have occurred. Alas, saw the problem, fixed it and now everything is fine....

    I am saddened that this most likely would have occurred at a coffee night as there are no other opportunities ANYWHERE for this to have happened...... I dont want to know who or why... Just dont do it again.

  9. I never really thought about people messing with my bike wherever I park it, particularly not the suspension preload. Never considered how potentially dangerous it may be.

    Glad you're none the worse for the adjustment there mate!
  10. Yah, the most annoying thing is when people change my clutch lever. Don't give a crock if it's a safety issue for them when test riding the bike, fine if they change it to suit them, but at least put it back approx to where it was, cause then it becomes my safety issue :?
  11. Hey FLing, I remember you telling me this.....

    It took you about 2 hours to get that sorted out.....
  12. I can't believe that somebody actually did that to somebody elses bike. :x I would never ever do anything like that. I even ask people can i have a closer look at there bike.. This means moving closer to it and drooling.. If the owner isn't there I remain a good distance away from the bike and look at it.

    But who ever did that to your bike is a dick head and should grow a brain

    I'm glad you had a good ride after that :D
    Lisa :twisted:
  13. WOW, hey all, thanks for the positive vibes..... Certainly appreciated.

    Glad to see I am not the only one that feels the same way.

    Have a great day all.
  14. I think most people feel the same way because we know that on a bike any problem whether it is rider error or mechanical can be a fatal one.

    A bike setup that you are familiar with is critical, particularly when you are "going for it". Imagine running wide into an on coming car because some numbnut has played with the adjustments.
  15. This is a problem I have come across also. May not be people adjusting bits on my bike but just the fact people feel it is ok to just touch my bike willy nilly and even JUMP ON if they feel the need. I'm with csls22 on this one. I always seek out the owner of a bike before I would even dream of getting too close to their stead. It's a respect thing people. :evil: I have ended up with marks on my tail piece from people who can't get their leg clear of the bodywork on dismount and it fair pisses me off. :evil: :x

  16. Amen to that. Was at a cafe with a mate when a young lady decided that it would be okay for her to sit her young (5/6ish) son on my mates bike without asking. Lovely. It's not like anyone would just jump in a convertible they saw parked on the street... so why the hell do they think they can just try out a complete stranger's bike! :evil: Seen a few tourists try out bikes for photo opportunities too.... usually Ducatis...
  17. Oh sorry, trying to do a "Hi-ho Silver!" reenactment, clipping my shins against the pipe, rolling off the side in agony, other leg dragging along the pipe, catching my sleeve against the pillion pegs, flipping over and landing on my butt. :LOL: :LOL: :p :LOL: :LOL:

    Well that's most likely what would happen if I tried it :roll: :wink:

  18. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :x :x :x :x
  19. I have kids
    so when i go out to the bike there is sticky finger prints every where the idles been adjusted a couple of times etc . :LOL:

    ask midnight whats it like to bring a spotless shiny bike over and have it finger frigged :LOL: ,little finger prints on the speedo etc :LOL: :LOL:

    they arent so bad anymore as they now realise about touching other peoples bikes , but it doesnt stop them touching mine .
    The army has a saying "always first parade your vechicle"
    first parade is a check of everything prior to hoping on the bike before riding it , in the intrest of your own safety riders should do it when they think at anytime that the bike may have been touched (shopping centre etc )or first thing in the morning before you ride off