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Don't tell my car, but I think I'm in love with my bike!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Dannyboy, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. Went for a ride for a couple of hours doing a bit of a run to the shops (the long way) and just started really enjoying riding. Best bit was through a couple of round-a-bouts where the road kinks after you exit the round-a- bout, and just started throwing the bike over to change direction. Then had the thought of "you've never done that before... and I didn't fall off!". I've only been riding for 6 weeks now and I'm starting to trust in the tyres to grip when I lean over and push a bit more through the corners. Raven's "knee action/body position" post the other day definitely helped in understanding how to get the best results with a little effort!

    In 8 years of driving I've never experienced anything like the acceleration you get on a bike through a corner! I'm finding myself going into a corner and carrying 20k's more when I exit! If you're really pushing in a car, it's constant throttle, make any big adjustments and you'll push wide or oversteer. On the bike, you just tip in, and throttle on a little to settle the bike. If you're pushing wide, tip in some more! Is this a 250 thing or can 600's and greater do this too?

    This all probably sounds a little silly, like its just noob faciniation, but I don't care, it's getting too much fun to stop! :p
  2. psst, you've discovered the big, dark secret of motorcycling; why we all do it when it's more practical, sensible, and probably cheaper, to do the same trip in the car. Now, don't tell anyone, or I'll have to come round there and kill you :LOL:.
  3. It's awsome fun hey!.
    I think it was Dr Who who said " whats the point in being grown up if you can't act childish".
    It's not just a 250 thing. I have just got of my 250 onto a 750 and l am still wearing the same stupid grin as the first day l was legally alowed to ride.
    But don't let it go to much to your head, keep a bit of respect for your bike. It is easy to come unstuck somtimes :wink: .
    Have fun mate.
  4. Dannyboy you just made me go :grin: and reminded me of the first time I went through a corner confidently.

    Have fun on two wheels!