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Don't tell anyone what you've got in your shed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. They were a mate of mines. I just spoke with him. He told me to let people know there's a 20k reward for them.
    He just wants them back
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  2. Typical tone of the ever condescending Hornet.

    Bikes were stolen from BRP warehouse along with stock of NZI helmets. Not just some random, ramshackle backyard garage as has been implied.
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  3. Sad, I guess the workshop was alarmed so probably a Pro job. Hope they get them back.

    Dandenong and surrounds is a bit of a hot spot for bike thefts: http://ncars.on.net/motorcycle_map.html

    Nothing in comparison to Perth though, the bike theft capital of Australia
  4. Wow - never knew Perth was so bad in this respect. Wonder why this is?

    Also wonder what the thieves are going to do with these 2 superbikes - would've thought they'd be pretty recognisable to the racing fraternity, even if resprayed etc. Bound for overseas somewhere do you think?
  5. Yes that part doesn't make a lot of sense, half their value is in what they were, by who and where they were ridden. Selling them without that provenance would slash their value.
  6. When talking with Ben this morning we spoke about that.

    It's highly likely they didn't know what they were stealing.
    Even if they tried to strip them as parts how would you offload a set of exclusive Olhins front forks worth 25K.

    Or the factory ECU which you need a certain program to access to change settings.

    Almost impossible, other than it going to a collector overseas I don't really see how they will move it.

    The NZi helmets may be a better way of tracking these guys down.

    Beware if you get offered cheap helmets and please speak up.
  7. F**k I hate thieves! I hope your buddy was insured jonnymac...
  8. There is something about bike thieves that arouses a passion in riders, much more so than car thieves. Perhaps it is the personal relationship you have with a bike, pillions aside it is a one on one relationship. You feel like you have lost a friend rather than a piece of machinery.
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  9. I don't agree with that cjvfr, I developed a love for cars I have owned, and I'm not alone. Theives that steal personal things are always considered scum and bring out the primal instinct of revenge in everyone.
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  10. Pics of bikes and helmets stolen

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  11. I shared this on my personal facebook earlier this morning.

    Theiving scums.

    Hope they get theirs.
  12. You need to get your foul liver seen to you idiot.
  13. Maybe, I have and do own cars. Some, despite them being money pits, I have loved. But if stolen I would be annoyed and saddened but a stolen bike I would be gutted. Maybe this is a personal thing but the bike for me has always been a avenue of escape from the vicissitudes of life. For that to be snatched away would be distressing. I know some people say, insurance will cover it, you can get a replacement and that is true but it doesn't help the immediate emotional response.
  14. Thieves seem to be mostly targeting dirt bikes around my area. Cant stand thieving mongrels!
  15. A-J's irreplaceable Honda racer went missing in similar fashion; I know a few guys with some treasures in their workshops, and garages, but they don't tell anyone they're there, and neither do I!!
  16. Except by saying that, you just told everyone that you might have something worth nicking.

    Lets face it. We're all on various types of social media. It wouldn't take a keen thief long to work out who has what and their approximate location. Then it's just a matter of time.
  17. I'd like to see burglar vs my dogs lol :dead:
  18. I thought that too. But the right bait, and your dogs are no longer an issue.
  19. Yep. My uncle has a massive and ferocious german shepard. The unthinkable happened when a theif got past it no worries. Dogs also don't stop people you know from stealing from you.