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Don't talk to the man on the Murdercycle!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by NiteKreeper, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. An interesting experience at breakfast this morning, on my way back to Sydney from Melbourne:

    I stop at the Service Centre just past Craigieburn, and while I'm eating I observe a hippy family whose kids are playing on the climbing gym thingy - all barefoot and unwashed, and the 3 boy's names are Harley, Marley and Farley, apparently!
    After eating I go out to the bike, and find I happen to have parked next to their van; Dad hippy is leaning against it, looking my bike up and down...

    "Nice bike" he says (I get that a lot...), so we strike up a conversation; they've just got off the boat from Tasmania and are heading "North - just somewhere north...". I dig that and remark that I'd like to set off on a bike like that one day, with no plans...
    He remarks that they'll probably arrive in Sydney about 10 hours after me, and I hear a definite sigh...
    He goes back into Hungry Jacks to chase the boys down and get them in the van, and I get ready to leave.

    I realise he might know my uncle given his stated origin in Tassie, so I attempt to step in the restaurant gate to ask him, but Ms Hippy steps into it with her arms spread out and loudly exclaims

    I'm stunned! I burst out laughing and all I can say as I back away is "You're a fucking fruitcake - no worries!"

    Mr Hippy reappears as I exit the carpark, mouthing "Sorry"; I give him a thumb up and roar away on my two-wheeled-family-destroyer...
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    You are an attractive man in those fishnets NK, I can see why she'd be worried...
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    Maybe he also thought getting on a bike heading "somewhere" would be nice. To get away from his wife....

    Nice story
  4. it takes all sorts doesnt it lol
  5. mmm yeah i am also a fiend for the married man with three children on a campervan holiday type. I just can't help it. It's all those annexes and pitched-tents. It just gets me all worked up thinking about it.
  6. Home wrecker!! lol

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  7. Nah man, their entire life was in that van...
  8. God. Those hippy women are so perceptive.
  9. ...reminds me of when I was stopped at the lights and watched a family walk across the street with all of them waving at me, besides the mum, who slapped the hands of the little children waving at me. As mum storms off holding daughters hand, dad with kid on his shoulder, turns around and waves again HAHA.

    Homewrecker is rather funny though.
  10. She was psychotic no no psychic
    That or he ran back saying fark me I just ran into so and so nephew lets get out of here :)
  11. I lived several years in a town which 60 Minutes portrayed as the centre of Tasmanian hippydome. Tasmanian hippies (along with Tasmanian Christians) are the maddest of all! They beat the kookiness of your hippies, no matter where you live.

    I dated a proper hippy once. I've never met people who talk so much about peace and yet are so neurotic, or talk so much about love with such hate in their eye when you differ from their opinion.
  12. She does sound possibly psychotic. Maybe he was hoping to find some psych help for her in Sydney?
  13. Too many drugs.
  14. I'm surprised he didn't just steal your bike and leave you with the phsyco:-s !!!

    Oh shyte where would sMurfy have ended up :eek:
  15. Ironically, there is some evidence that riding may help with Mental health.

    But yes, agree with Vertical, keeping off the drugs would be a better option.
  16. Perhaps she thought you wanted to ride off with her Harley?
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  17. She was afraid you where going to kidnap the kids and sell them.
  18. You found Shedman. I knew Genevieve sounded like a filthy hippy.


    Reminds me of this:

    (The full title of the song is: 'I went out with a hippy & now I love everyone but you')

    No filmclip, unfortuantely, but some of the excellent lyrics are:

  19. Well as true as those plans may have been she still couldn't prove it and shouldn't have been so rude

    Step 1 kidnap kids
    Step 2 ??????????
    Step 3 profit
  20. :D Maybe that man used to have a bike before Ms Hippy decided to sell it for him.