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Don't suppose I can borrow a good rattle gun? :D

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. My Supercheap air impact wrench has failed me; I can't get this damn front sprocket nut off the Minja. I'm currently at the point of twisting socket extensions with a breaker bar.

    Has anyone got a more heavy duty rattlegun I can borrow to get this f*cker off? My compressor goes to around 120psi I think. Or is my thinking wrong? I don't believe it's a reverse thread bolt - it doesn't say anything like that in the service manual.

  2. Tried soaking in penetrene overnight? Sometimes trying to tighten it a little bit before loosening it works. Mild heat?

    Edit: wait, it's the engine sprocket - get the strongest socket and breaker bar you can find, position the breaker bar handle against the floor, start it up and drop the clutch - a more powerful rattle gun you'll never find! Not sure I'd actually want to try this though.
  3. I think you'll find that does it up.

  4. theyre a biatch to get off. i got one off the other week with a long breaker bar. bike in 6th, wheels on the ground and girlfriend holding the rear brake and just firmly applying a bit of force and using the old rocking back and forth technique... thought i was going to have to buy a rattle gun but it got there in the end.

    soak it in something. maybe apply a bit of heat. a 1/2" socket should be able get the job done
  5. simply get a steel bar wrap in material foam, and thread through rear rim above swing arm, use a good socket and breaker bar breaker bar (1/2") then get another rod slide over end of breaker bar (about 1.2-1.8m i find works the best) and undo nut.
  6. shouldve done that ](*,)

    i was trying all sorts of fancy things with the sprockets and chain...oh well
  7. ...was gonna offer my rattle gun, but it's a supercheap cheapie as well.

    Any luck today Loz?
  8. The 'drop the clutch' idea is an interesting one, although yeah you'd need a reverse thread bolt... Anyway, the clutch slave cylinder comes off to get the sprocket cover off, so... Nup.

    I've had a 4X2 through the rear wheel and a 16-foot length of heavy steel tube as an extension bar... No love, there's enough stretch in the chain and give in the wood that the bar comes to the ground.

    I think what I'll do instead of going and buying blowtorches and freeze/release is take it down the tyre shop and get them to change my tyres and use one of their proper rattle guns to break the f*cker.
  9. start the rotation higher, and don't use wood, it will give
  10. BIG rattle gun, and walla.


    give the nut a proper whack with a hammer, this can sometimes help.
  11. I had the same problem on Saturday: We were getting nowhere using a breaker bar with a 2 metre pipe as an extension, and I was able to take it off by hand with a 30 cm wrench after I bought freeze + release (4 hours later).

    I spoke to a metallurgist (aka dad), and he said that rapid cooling of the nut wouldn't damage it provided it didn't crack when it was cold - in other words, follow the freeze + release directions and wait a few minutes after applying rather than jumping on the bar whilst applying the stuff (I guess this prevents a thermal gradient across the bolt).

    I would be very reluctant to use heat as some sites suggest as that could undo the hardening process.
  12. I couldn't the the bottom pulley off me car recently, a trip to a place that does truck tyres (where you find the natural home of the 3/4 rattle gun) with a slab, and seconds later it was off...

    I think they spent longer looking for the socket than they did getting it off...
  13. hmm, I really didn't think that one through. Ah, I'll keep it in mind if I ever have a bike with right side chain or reverse thread...

    Alarmingly, the front sprocket nut was not even finger tight when I changed it recently!
  14. How did you go with this Loz, get it sorted?
  15. Yep got it sorted - took it down to see Rob at the Bob Jane tyre shop and he cracked it in about half a second with his man sized rattle gun while he was plonking some new Bridgies on for me.

    So. Chain and sprockets done on both bikes. New tyres done. New sidestand done. Aaaaaaand what's this? Seems I need to bleed the front brake again. That's just frabjous. And why's this rear brake dragging? Oh fiddlesticks, the rear caliper seems to have seized up. Callooh callay*.

    So the neverending project that is the Minja continues for another day - I can't budge the piston in the rear caliper, so it's looking as though I might need to give it a bit of the old strip and clean before I get this thing out for a proper fang. But it'll happen. Oh yes. And it's looking like I should have a couple of test bikes over Christmas, so I'll get some miles in if I can remember how to ride the damn things.

    * - Some words in this paragraph have been substituted for the benefit of a family audience.