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Don't speed in Oklahoma, USA

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by [FLUX], Jun 1, 2006.

  1. reminds me of:

  2. All you need to do is a U turn in a narrow street and you'll get away.
  3. i prefer these guys. much less scary :p

  4. Don't forget this then


  5. Reminds me of this:

  6. Dunno.

    If they pulled you over, they could throw the book at you. After all, nothing worse than insulting a copper by laughing at him....

    Nearly happened to me. TOG pulled me over a few months back. I get out of the car, he gets out. He's about as tall as Roy Higgins and sounded like him. It was all that I could do not to guffaw....
  7. :LOL: They had this on 'Beyond Tomorrow' a couple of weeks ago. It is the fastest and most advance police car currently in opperation anywhere in the world. Yes it is real AND opperational. I think it was in Italy from memory!!
  8. Yeah Italy, and its not the first Ferrari they have used either, apparently they go way back to the 60's as police cars;

  9. I fail to see how police using an expensive sports car is 'Beyond Tomorrow' :LOL: It's bloody beyond belief... mind you, I think the car is on loan or something from memory.
  10. It might be the first Lamborghini Gallardo though... :LOL: :p

  11. Pedant.... :p
  12. Apparently it isn't a loan and is full of high tech gear

    - http://www.velocetoday.com/lifestyle/lifestyle_53.php (Thanks to Inci for the link)
  13. Busa Police bikes :shock: now your talking. Without sports cans you'd never even know they were about....
  14. The Italian Police were given 1 Lamborghini by the factory - who probably wrote it off on the books as a "donation" (course they'll probably get their money back in spare parts).