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dont shoot me for doing this....

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by hyo_duc, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Ok so i ride a hyosung... and always wondered what it would be like if they ever brought out a 1200cc engine as they stated oww so bloody long ago...
    Anyway i thought if they did make it it would be a V-Twin... n it would look italian...
    So i drew up a quick pic n tried sum pastel rendering for my uni course... and ended up with this..
    guys its pretty much just the face of a hyosung on the ducati 1198, bascially being such a sexc bike i didnt want to touch anything else.
    but i think it moulds well with the body amzingly.
    what do you guys think


    and yes its more of an idea i would never do.. but thought id show u bike nuts out there
  2. I wouldn't doubt the intention, or the present ability, for those canny Koreans to bring out a 1,200cc V-Twin; their current bikes are obviously teaching them stuff that they can use later, and who knows what is up their sleeve?
  3. that looks quite good. nice job.

    the rear part of the belly pan section is too big/long for my liking though... its hard to explain
  4. cheers mate
    i think i do know what you mean, it looks like it is sticking out too much and intruding the rear wheel a bit?
    but i do agree
  5. Maybe you should apply for a job with hyo.:LOL:

    Hyosung is almost, but not quite, there -- the minute fit & finish details need to be improved, and they need to start doing more on the R&D as well. They've been milking that 650 for way too long. I'd like to see some other engines by these guys.
  6. yeah i wish... a job there would be a treat!
  7. The wheels need spokes!!! Bwhuhahahahahhahaha!!!!!!!!
  8. That belly pan looks like a lovely place for an exhaust! Then you'd have the sexiest tail this side of beyonce.
  9. I reckon they should. I also think they should also make a motard based on half of the GT650R engine, a la SM325. I would buy that.

    I like your drawing, I can see elements of the Desmocedici there, & some 1098!
  10. what happened to the rear swing arm ?

    just kidding - nice work keep it up - you have a talent that you can expand on
  11. cheers guys much appreciated
    hmm u know what.. the i should redraw and give it a side exhaust since that is what a Hyosung would have... maybe a shorty :p
  12. i read in an article earlier in the year a 1 liter Hyo was on the cards, I think the article said the timeframe was End of year. Although That was in direct contradiction to the Hyosung Australia Guy at the Last melbourne bike show, He siad "Hyosung will never do anything bigger than the current Range as LAMS is Hyosung's only Market interest in Australia". who knows I cannot recall the Magazine I saw it in.
  13. Forks are a bit out, wheels are begging for some ellipse templates. Also, something to represent the ground can help people to read renderings like this.

    But overall nice work, particularly the sketchy detailing around the pegs. Studying ID?
  14. yeah i lacked ellipse templates until recently
    reason the ground isnt done is becasue it was cut out and is not actually glued to the paper with the yellow background, but i should do that soon.
    cheers mate for the feeedback...

    haha yeah i am doing ID, down at swinburne of chapel st.
  15. yeah i have heard of that.. plenty of talk on korider
    funny cause some rumours have dated back to as early as 08, 07 even i think
    but if they do a larger bike i beeive it will be like an SV1000.. sport tourer kind of thing... which i have no problem with... and would look sexc.
    time will tell
    just hope quailty will keep improving
  16. No worries, keep practicing as much as possible and you can only improve. Just graduated from RMIT myself - now to find a real job...
  17. yeah so iv figured lol... its hard to get the copic, pastel and such working together, but as u say.. practice makes perfect ey. cheers
    ow nice congrats mate. did u do a year of work experience or do the 3 or so yrs straight
    keep in touch and let me know how u go.
  18. it would be across the 3 types, naked, Sports and the bikini faired one. And more than likely the Acquila.
  19. Four years full-time, no IBL (not offered at RMIT). Did do a semester abroad though, which I'd recommend if you get the chance.
  20. Are they sticking with belt drive or switching to shaft? Forget chain.... whatever my next bike is it wont be chain drive :p.
    Nice drawing :) i cant do a stick figure...