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Don't see CLOVERFIELD - It's crap

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by GT, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. I watched Cloverfield at the movies last night & it is utter crap.

    It's like they've ripped off the best bits from a few big name movies & slapped it together for a 1hr20min revenue raising, time wasting piece of cinematic garbage.

    It copies Blair Witches - handy cam style,
    it copies Godzilla - Monster terrorising NYC
    It copies Starship Troopers - alien bugs

    Basically nothing in this movie is original, and all the time your watching it, your hoping it'll get better, but then it just ends very abruptly.

    I left the cinema feeling totally rorted, ripped off & scammed, and wanting my money & my 1hr20min of my life back.
  2. Sucks to be you then.

    I suppose it was so crap you had to make a new thread about, bully for you

    Cheers :cool:
  3. So, tell us what you really think :LOL:

    Seriously, I'd much rather see or not see a movie based on feedback from most of the people on Netrider than that from the poncey fools who get paid to do the same thing in the media....... :roll:

    Sucks not to be the mod of this forum :rofl:.
  4. the only people who will say this is a good movie - must be getting paid to say it.

    I hate it when they hype a new movie saying it's awesome...when really it's a dog's breakfast.
  5. My point exactly; "Oh, Sandra, I think what Tarantino is trying to say here is ...."

    If he's just spent $200,000,000 making a movie and he needs some trendoid fool to explain what he is trying to say, he's just wasted his money, and our time..
  6. I remember this gave me motion sickness..... pathetic I know, but it really did :LOL:
  7. I kinda liked it. Not amazing. But definitely far from bad.
  8. I should open my eyes... this thread clearly answers my "Is this movie as crap as I imagine" question... :(
  9. Don't beat yourself up too much; the other Cloverfield thread was posted three days ago....