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Don't rush for more power

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jphanna, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. I am not by any means an authority on the subject, i only got my mbike learners in 2010. back then i got a 250 mini cruiser (my first love) to learn on. that bike fit me like a glove. it didnt have big grunt and going up long steep hills etc it struggled for sure, but the other 90% of my journey was fantasic as a first bike.

    peer group pressure saw me buy a 800ccM50 as soon as it was legal for me to do so. it was a big bruiser, big noise big grunt.....but also and extra 100kg. all of a sudden the ease of which i could flick the 250 mbike around tight corners was replaced with a titanic trying to doing a u turn feeling.

    sure i am not gifted when it comes to riding, but the 'perfect fit' was gone and i wasnt enjoying my rides anymore. i went back to a 250 mini cruiser again, and despite the loss of grunt, i was enjoying the rides again and much more happier.

    time goes on, more experience and confidance, and i decided to up grade to more grunt, but not as heavy a bike. this time i got it right, grunt, and handling and a good fit.

    so in summary newbies. enjoy your first bike for as long as you can, and then upgrade. dont rush it.
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  2. and that's why god makes 600s.
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  3. God has shares in motorcycle manufacturers? :D
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  4. He hasn't made one in a while. He does, however, make 659's, 796's, 821's, 848's and 899's.
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  5. God has shares in the coffee business you say :ROFLMAO:
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  6. And I'm asking God for an 821 as we speak. I'll let you know how I go.
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  7. Most smaller bikes are very flick able, which is something I miss going from a 250 to a 500. The extra grunt sure makes up for it. I no longer have to plan the overtake the day before.
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  8. Road going bikes only go as fast as the pilot commands them to go (to their upper limit) with the right hand.
    Based upon what the OP has said, the "Big Grunt" if you could call it that wasn't the issue here, but rather the fit and weight of the bike for that rider.
    Having big horsepower available is an advantage, but it's not much fun regardless of how much horsepower you have if the bike is too heavy for you and the riding position uncomfortable.
    I would encourage all noobs to get the bike that they can physically handle, and of that range, the bigger the horsepower the better. Overtaking with previous day planning, it's more dangerous than the extra power one has on tap.
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  9. He makes Hyosungs (actually work)....
  10. I went from 500cc to 800cc and an extra 20kg. My bike has only 85?hp, but has a lot of torque, a great fuel range, and a few other good things to boot (no it doesn't have a boot). A little more power might be good, but the centre of gravity was much lower, and that, with some torque, is great. I'm happy....and I thought it was ugly when I first saw it......
  11. I.... cant... resist... the urge
  12. You should ask Santa as well, it will double your chances :p
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  13. Might try the Easter Bunny. He comes first.
  14. Selfish bastard.
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  15. That fuel tank is certainly to be envied :cautious:
  16. Yeah I'd hate to be either really, they only come once a year...:wtf:
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  17. Is the Easter Bunny a"he"? OMG!!!
  18. Is the Easter Bunny a"he"? OMG!!!
  19. Oh shit did you have a Boy Scout moment in your youth!?
  20. No offense, but it has to be the ugliest bike ever made by BMW, and one of the ugliest ever made from any manufacturer.