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Don't ride too close

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by GreyBM, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. #1 GreyBM, Jun 8, 2016
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    On our Sunday Learner Rides one of the things I emphasize is not to ride too close behind the rider in front. Despite my warnings and often repeated warnings, I still see it happening.

    I think some riders are quick enough to catch up to the rider in front but lack the confidence of skill to overtake so they sit behind. Then the next rider has to overtake two bikes which is more difficult so they tuck in behind and so the problem grows until we have a row of little ducklings all following each other.

    This is why we need to leave a decent gap. Interestingly the rider behind initially looks like they are leaving a bit of room but it is amazing how fast that gap shrinks when things start to go wrong.

    The guy who crashed did a few things wrong in my view but the message I was trying to get across is not about him.

    The message is - Don't ride too close. Leave a decent gap.
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  2. Fark that was quick, will remember that
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  3. Just me...
  4. I think those guys were moving at a 'spirited' pace which definitely makes gaps close up fast. a great example of the need for space awareness. a great vid that could have ended much worse. thanks GreyBMGreyBM.
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  5. Very good point, especially when the idiot in front rides way too fast for the approaching corner.
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  6. Saw this on the news tonight, ahhhhh the putty :)
  7. Wondered if it was Putty. Looked a bit like what I have seen of it but never been there
  8. I'm not sure either but at first look I thought it was Putty also.
  9. Yup was the putty the clip was on 9 news tonight
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    Had to be the 10mile, the Sydney end has more open bits. Saw a lot of back brake there too. Was the first bike one of those 100k replica Motogp Ducatis. That's what the paint job looked like. BTW apexed way to early as well.
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  11. Thanks GreyBMGreyBM

    Appreciate this important reminder.
  12. I don't know why they even bothered showing it on the news tbh. For a bloke that looked to be quite comfortable at the start of the vid from what he could see of the road, that last corner was awful. Hindsight's a wonderful thing though, glad they were both okay.
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  13. Yep Wrong line helped to take him towards the oncoming traffic and then panicked and hit rear brake which fish-tailed him into it.

    The other problem with being close is that there is something mesmerising about watching shit happen. You tend to sit there and watch saying this is going to be bad rather than hitting the brakes because the shit will be all over the road in front of you
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  14. Easy to be a keyboard hero but totally agree.

    He pushed the right hander leading into the left and was way out of position for his speed.
    When he tipped in he was already going to run wide.
    Then - sees the coming vehicle. Stands - hits.

    Poor bugger.
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  15. You can tell he was in over his head by how much the camera bike had braked, and how little he did... Even though the car tried to avoid him, he was way out of his league....
  16. Too hot on the Putty, could have been so much worse.
  17. Someone else posted this vid a few days ago but with the intention of pointing out about leaving room between you and the bike in front.
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  18. Don't ride too close
  19. That was it!

    I was going to attach it to my above post.

    I searched for "space" and "gap" which didn't result in a successful search so I gave up! LOL
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  20. G'day everyone,...

    Sadly they both went down.....

    Dr Who?