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Don't ride in front of Ford Explorers...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by cypher, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. Assume all cagers are this smart and you might be safe on the motorways:

    Cruise control jammed

    54km it took him to work out how to stop it! 54 km!!

    and thankfully not on top of a bike.

    Wonder why slipping it into neutral and turning the ignition off didn't work? Perhaps the cruise control had some mind control going on which rendered him completely unable to think for himself, hence the 000 call.....

  2. "I can't let you to that Dave."

    Love the fact that the guys name was Chase.
  3. Take his licence back.

    Friggin noob.

    Actually... snidy comments aside, I am genuinely interested to know exactly what happened. In the end all he did was hit the brakes right? :-s
  4. He was all over the radio this morning, apparently he hit the brakes at 100km/h which brought him down to 80 but then the brake pedal went hard and didn't work anymore - yep, he used up all the hydraulic pressure, the brake pump probably couldn't keep up.

    He tried to turn off the ignition but as it was in gear and moving it prevents that. However, quite why he could not slip it into neutral I have no idea, auto or manual you can do that.

  5. 10 buck says he was a metro fag driving it and when he tapped the brakes it didnt de activate the cruise so he thought he'd never stop!

    i drive a shitty 200kw car, much more power than the shitsplorer.... now i have tested this and it works in any car ive ever driven, @ 100km/h floor it, and stand on the gas.... what happens??? the car stops!

    the tractive effort of the really shit brakes in my car is 1200hp, the engine makes 280hp... so as you can see the brakes can easliy overcome the power from the engine...

    take the dudes license off him and give him a ticket for using a phone while driving crossing double white lines and the rest.... send the dude to jail..... and tattoo FAIL on his forehead!
  6. What a fking assburgler, whats wrong with turning the key to the off position... There should be an IQ test before they let you on the road.. Or others have said, neutral doesn't work? :S
  7. None of the modern boxes shift levers are directly connected to the box. They all go via an electronic control box.

    No mechanical means if "computer says nooooo"
  8. Hmm, good point.
  9. I am shocked it made it 54km without running out of fuel :LOL:

  10. How do you think it stopped? ;)
  11. I'd be suprised if the ford handbrake contributed to his stopping.

    He was probably panicking, though you'd think one of the geniuses on the phone to him would tell him to pull or the fuses just near his right knee.
  12. I thought it would have been a normal reaction to firstly try the footbrake and if that didn't work, use the handbrake.

    This guy gets my vote for Most Hated Australian of 2009.
  13. He's from Queensland :p
  14. You guys are all being pretty harsh to the driver and I'm not sure why? If he ended up with a police escort 30 mins (rough timeline of events -> http://bit.ly/7yA6A7 ), obviously they tried different things to try and stop the car but to no avail (short of crashing it)... shouldn't the rage be at Ford? They're the one who made the car so he was unable to de-activate cruise, shift it to neutral or turn it off ;)
  15. kenoath

    If you were on your bike with the throttle stuck - you couldn't turn the key off, couldn't change gear, your brakes weren't there and you can't reach the fuel-c0ck:

    What do you do, huh, you pathetic crappy excuse for a motorcyclist?

  16. then you pull the clutch lever ********...

    even a high powered bike, will slow down when applying the brakes if the throttle was on...

    also it was set @ cruise, the engine wasnt at wot, so really it wouldnt take much effort to slow it down...

    but hey the dude's from QLD and a fag, probably a flight attendant too LOL
  17. You are kidding right? The guys life is in danger and he is not thinking clearly and you see that as a reason to hate him.
  18. Clutch and kill switch. How 'bout you?
  19. I'd be intereseted to hear what the actual cause was, because my initial and current reaction is: Bullshit.
  20. Just thought I'd add this in, made me laugh....,

    Chris Mac Posted at 5:00 PM December 15, 2009

    Where's Keanu Reeves when you need him?

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