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Don't put off getting things serviced

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by CrayolaS7, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. I have just had a hard lesson in why not to delay getting things serviced. I'd known my chain needed to be replaced in the near future for about a month, but I'd re-tensioned it and it had been fine for the time being. Yesterday though, I saw that it was really quite loose and I could hear it chattering when taking off. With that in mind, this morning I rang my local bike mechanic and booked it in to get done this coming thursday.

    Not having a car available today, and not wanting to sit on a couple of busses for 90 minutes each way, I rode it to my girlfriends place this morning, and then at 5 pm I came back. No troubles still. About 30 minutes ago my dad was going out, and asked me to move the bike so he could get his car out of the garage. Normally I park leaving room but I was lazy and didn't know he was going out. Our driveway is on a small but steepish slope and since I needed the keys to unlock the steering I started it up so I could drive back up. As I was taking off it bogged down a whole bunch and I heard the chain come off. The sudden jerk with which it happened made me loose my balance and the only reason I didn't drop the bike was because I'm pretty sure I've put my back out holding it up.

    So, I came very close to dropping my bike and/or crushing my left foot, I've put my back out and now I can't ride all week.More importantly than that it is only dumb luck that it happened outside my house and not while riding home. If it had happened while I was in one of the 80 zones I pass through it could have been very, very bad. All because I was lazy. So, take heed of this advice and don't learn the hard way like I have. If something needs fixing do it ASAP.

  2. Good reinforcement, CrayolaS7.
    Glad to hear you didn't succumb to much more pain.
    Speedy recovery with your back dude and well done for sharing this invaluable experience for all (y)
  3. great advice mate, i think ill be careful today then and get the chain looked at next week.
  4. lessons from life

    it's even more annoying cos you knew, isn't it?

    recover quickly

    (and with the chain that bad I'm betting it's going to cost you new sprockets as well :()
  5. drop a tooth on the front so you can keep up with me :)
  6. Aren't my gears already shorter than yours? Was actually thinking about losing a few off the back cog so 2nd would go longer and for normal riding 3rd would be lower rpm at 60.
  7. Yeah mate, gotta watch bikes... Most things on cars if they break you can sorta... coast... to a stop.
    Most things on bikes if they break have a better then even chance of causing a catastrophic crash.
    Keep up that maintenance and regular checks!!!
  8. A chain that jumps off at speed can lock the rear wheel. It can do heaps of damage to the hub / cush drive area. It can snap. A snapped chain can (and often does) wrap itself around the countershaft sprocket and stop the engine with a massive thump. It can crack or split the cases,break chunks off them, damage things like cam chain tensioners ... And all that is in the event that you don't fall off the bike or get hit from behind by the following car.
  9. exactly that happened to me around a corner at 60 k's an hour :D

    man that was fun - rear wheel locked up in moderate traffic and i highsided!

    fun, but dangerous :p don't try this at home kids!
  10. It's not easy just watching your bike have a sleep without trying to do something however.

    I watched the bike slowly (And I mean slow motion style) lean over for a nap in my driveway on the weekend.

    I managed to get to it in time to try and do something but knew I would hurt my back and or neck if I tried to hold it up. So I just eased it down instead. Damage: bent the front brake lever, got to be happy with that!

    Bikes look so bad when on their side.
  11. I almost learnt this lesson the hard way myself. A very similar story.
    Chain was loose, started to make noise as it was flapping around. Hadn't paid it any attention until the noise started.
    Organized to have my bro look at the bike later in the week as he's mechanically minded and he damn near took my head off when he saw the condition of the chain, called it down right dangerous.
    Since then I check the amount of play and lube it every 500km.
    This thread reminded me to pick up a new can of lube. Poor servicing is not a lesson you'd want to learn the hard way, because it can be hard on wallet and bones.
    Your lucky it happened in the driveway and not whilst on the road like lowercase.
  12. I had been checking it to make sure it wasn't too bad, while trying to find parts to do it myself. It seemed to have suddenly got much worse in one go, though.
  13. I wish I had a dollar for every bike I see with rooted chain and sprockets sets, pads to the metal, headstem bearings so notchy they feel like a ratchet and tyres so bald they look like slicks...

    Riding a bike like this is like playing russian roulette with your life and wallet. It's bad enough with every next car driver trying to take you out...adding to the risk by riding a deathtrap just doesn't make sense to me.