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Dont people use mirrors these days?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Otaku, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Had my bike parked in front of my shop - hear a crash, look up to see a 4wd reversing over my bike.

    When I confronted the guy, he said "Sorry mate, I didnt see it" (smidsi?:D)

    It sucks, big time.

    Now i have to arse around getting the bike fixed and dealing with insurance people etc.

  2. Didn't you know...instead of doing a quick walk around to check what's there when they have such a large vehicle unsuited to urban conditions, they just get in and tank their way out. I dare say that's how these tools back over their own kids.
    Seen it many times before.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. :shock:

    what a nob!!!
    And people say to me "why do you pay $2.50 to park in a car park, when you can park on the street for free?"
    this is why!

    Man that sucks, hope the insurance company does right by you.
  4. I have just heard some bad rumours - if there is frame damage (even a slight amount) they write off the bike?

    Can anyone confirm or deny this?
  5. :shock:
    Ooohhh that sux!
    One thing I have realized, since I learned to ride on the roads, is that People put so much trust in other people who are not paying attention to the world.

    Is there much damage?
    I did a bit of fairing damage and have not had my bike for 6 weeks now, and it looks like I won't have it for another two at least. :(
    I feel you pain abt the bike!
  6. Unfortunately, I can confirm that.

    If the frame is bent or twisted, that's at least $2500 worth of parts & labour. Not only that, if the frame is damaged, other parts are usually damaged as well. So, good chance of a write-off.
  7. yeah, fairing damage on both sides (where he hit it, where it hit the road), bent handlebars, smashed mirror.

    The bike shop reckons it will be at least 4 weeks.

    :( :( :(
  8. Around the engine of the cbr600F3 is a bar that the fairing bolts onto - this has been bent from the fall.
  9. Short answer to the title - NO. Even if some do use them it is safest to assume that they won't. Not sure if you had parked in a full car space and I don't want to sound like a 20/20 hindsight asshole but I try to avoid parking in between cars unless I have a full car space. I'm not advocating it, just saying I have made that choice as a form of risk management. Limits my parking options but it I reckon it's worth it, as Edgelett says.

    Bad luck about the bike. I feel your pain.
  10. I had actually parked on a street where there are no car spaces marked out and I wasn't between two cars. He parked there after me, then when he went to leave, he reversed over me.

    I just couldnt believe it.
  11. It could have been a person or a child.
  12. I know it is unwise to generalise, but I have basically found in the car and on the bike that 4WD drivers are inconsiderate p#$%s who really don't care if they run over your car, bike, kid or whatever. So no, they tend to only use mirrors for squeezing zits or doing hair and makeup.....

    On a brighter note I believe it now costs a tad over 200 bucks to fill the 'Cruiser, so we should be seeing less of them.

  13. The short answer is yes, most people DO use their mirrors; it's just the dopes who don't that we worry about. And, of course, closing on people at significantly higher speed into their blind spots, and therefore not being seen, is also their fault.

    And let us not speak of the people who come on here and brag about removing the mirrors from their bikes, shall we? :roll:
  14. yes, inner city 4x4 drivers have overtaken the stereotypical volvo driver.
  15. You'd see a few of them on weekends and holidays where you live Joel! :shock:

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. My neighbour backed over Stealth Kat one bright morning. Stealth Kat was parked in its usual spot against a white brick wall and so faded into invisibility