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Don't overtake in my lane

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by kyp, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just want to say f*ck off to those impatient riders who overtake me splitting my lane. I found it very dangerous btw I try to give those d*ckheads as much room as I can. What's wrong with you guys if you want to overtake me use another lane.
  2. Many threads on this one. Perfectly legal. If it's a straight road with good visibility there should be no issue.
  3. Better get used to it. It's legal and it's safe, as long as no-one does anything stupid.
  4. I do it, but I do it slowly and make sure the other rider knows my intent I dont just blast past and scare the **** out of them lol.

    Also I give a little wave once Im through to say thanks
  5. I'm a big believer in one lane one vehicle but you wouldn't believe the amount of grief stating that on a forum will cause you. It's the same reason I'm not keen on filtering. However, apparently if it bothers you it's because you are not paying attention and need to hand in your license. ](*,)

    I've had riders do it but where I ride they usually will pull out further to the other lane which just strikes me as safer and indeed is how I was instructed to do it by more experienced riders when I was a learner.

    BTW, I had a car do this to me over the weekend. Couldn't believe it. I was in the left wheel track and he goes around realising it was a bit of bad timing so he decides to just use the right wheel track and some of the opposite lane to get around me. That put him one car ahead of me in a line of I kid you not about 5km of traffic backed up on the way to the coast. Got him absolutely no where.
  6. **Shakes head** It's the why you disliked it that copped you the flack.
  7. Then you should have split past him and you would have been 5 Km ahead. :angel:

    BTW, you weren't owning your lane, and he probably wasn't paying much attention, which is why he passed you. He was probably closing a perceived gap because he lost sight of you (forgot you were there) and you are probably lucky he didn't collect you. You should have been in the right wheel track to own your lane, or moving between wheel tracks regularly, so you were highly visible. On a highway where there is little or no oil down the centre of the road, it is safe to ride in the centre of the lane to own the lane as well.

    That is the perfect situation for filtering or even splitting traffic, so that you are not between two bored and distracted car drivers, and therefore a potential sandwich.
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  8. There is another option Kyp...

    If you have a faster rider come up behind you, as soon as you are comfortable, move to the left of the lane and kick your right leg out a little to indicate to the other rider that you are now ready for him to overtake. The rider behind you will then give the throttle a short blip and come safely past you and give you a nod/wave as a sign of appreciation.

    This way the overtake happens on your terms when you are ready for it, and the quicker rider can be on his/her way with out being held up or frustrated.
  9. Well, Stay Upright instructors and basic buffering techniques would go against the advice to be in the right track when there's oncoming traffic but what would they know huh? I'll give you the benefit of the doubt though give you have said to be moving between tracks which is certainly good advice.

    You are right about me overtaking the other cars. That's the SOP but unfortunately my fuel pump is acting up and there was no way I had the power to overtake. Felt like my old days on a restricted bike.

    He overtook me because I had the proper amount of distance between myself and the car ahead of me. Honestly, and without exaggeration, each of these cars were about two meters from each other at around 70-80kph. The reason I was hanging back was that I could see nothing but a disaster in the making and didn't want to get caught up in it. Indeed, just last week there was a death in that area under very similar conditions.

    I know that road well, and have traveled it hundreds of times. I've never seen it worse. So much so that when I reached the next town I decided to change my plans and go elsewhere to avoid the traffic. Had a great time too. Ended up on a road I'd never been on with no cars at all and had a great adventure. Funny how that worked out.

    However, everything you have advised is certainly good stuff for newer riders to keep in mind. Under the right circumstances that's typically how I would of handled it. Thanks.
  10. Kyp, harden the fuck up, perfectly legal and perfectly normal, best you learn some situational awareness.
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  11. I overtake other bikes in the same lane when I think it's safe to do so. ie., I think I can predict where they're going to go and I can get past without bumping into them. I understand some of them don't like it. I try to make sure there is decent separation and the speed difference isn't too great.

    I don't mind being overtaken that way, as long as I get the sense the other guy knows what he's doing. It does bother me a bit when he goes past and ends up somewhere nasty because he messed up - that could have been me she/he took out. I also don't like it when I get buzzed by some f-wit and there was miles of room he could have used and didn't.
  12. That would make sense if the rider behind me would wait. I was riding in the center of my lane and realised someone trying to overtake me approaching my right at the very last second so just could manage to go left as far as I can at the very last second where the oncoming lane was empty....so why to put me under the threat where you can go oncoming lane for a second. In addition I was riding up to the speed limit not even 1 kph less.

    PS: Does having L plate attached make me any slower when I'm traveling the maximum speed allowed
  13. You think so? BTW, I also don't pay attention to the possibility of a plane crashing on top of my car or look underneath to make sure no one is under it while sitting at lights either. Both of which are certainly possible. But obviously, in spite of having a better riding record (as defined by others in the thread) the only possible reason for someone being startled is that they don't pay enough attention to things.

    I think much more likely explanation is that riders in general appear to have a very difficult time coming down from their high perch to look at the reality that there are many different types of people using our roads and if you want things to work well it's much better to have some empathy than to simply call everyone who doesn't agree with you a dick head.

    Let's ride together for a while. Then I'll take your feedback much more seriously.

    BTW, how many crashes have you had? =D>
  14. No but it means you could be a danger to yourself if you don't get your situational awareness heightened.
    It also explains your attitude.
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  15. Ok [mod hat on] keep this rubbish in the other thread do NOT bring it up again here.
    Any more and posts will be removed. this is not negotiable.
  16. So what is the advantageous benefit/s of being in the LH wheel track while in a queue of 5km of traffic, compared to another lane position?

    Fair reason for increasing the distance ahead. Roderick has a point though. You were split by a car because they either didn't see you or didn't register you or didn't respect you. Also, it doesn't sound like you knew there was a car behind encroaching on you. Next time you notice the car behind you, what tactics could you employ to manage your space?

    Being purposefully obtuse and argumentative does you no good. You got pissed off that your bliss was disturbed by filtering riders and you got flack for talking like a beige cage driver about filtering riders. You were rightly called for it.

    If you as a rider get annoyed by riders filtering past you while you're zoned out in your car, then I think more than a "few" riders would share the view that you should hand in your riding license. You're more of a cager than a rider.

    What feedback? I made an accurate one line comment that illicited a multiparagraph obfuscation from you. I'm sure you wont take feedback freely.
  17. that goes for you too Rob, if you guys want to continue this argument from another thread split it off.
  18. To be honest I thought it is illegal but it appears to be ok by road rules. But that fackt doesn't change my attitude, I strongly belive that there is no reason to overtake me in my lane when there alternatives(oncoming lane or another lane)
  19. What you believe is irrelevant, what is normal behaviour is what matters and the fact is that it's legal makes it even moreso.
    You need to lose that mentality if you want to survive on a bike mate.
    Sorry to sound harsh but this whole sense of entitlement that the current generation have is gonna result is serious consequences later on.
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  20. I add this only as advice, not judgement: it's the overtaking rider's prerogative to choose their line around you. The best thing you can do is keep an eye on things but REMAIN PREDICTABLE. A reasonably competent rider will never just ride into you - they are equally at risk.
    In general, just stick to your line, or signal and move (predictably) if there is enough time.

    I agree there's no excuse for 'buzzing' learners, but we all eventually have to learn that bikes are not cars.
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