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Don't mess with the online motorbike community in Maryland

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. http://www.johnparkssucks.com/

    Some bloke posted the following message on a car bboard:

    So they decide to track him down.
  2. Hunt him down with dogs, get the linch mob out.
  3. Re: Don't mess with the online motorbike community in Maryla

    are u serious?? this guy posted a note like that and thinks he will get away?
    oh i hate to be him right about now lol :LOL: :LOL:
  4. oh god
  5. Darwin would be rolling in his grave. Where, oh where has commonsense gone?
  6. Bloody red necks.
    If the car driver gets in front wouldn't he then be doing 120mph.
  7. From what I understand he means he would switch lanes quickly while staying at the same speed.
    These guys really have s**t for brains, if they had seen some of the accident pics where the bike has become part of the car like a missile, I really wouldn't want to be in tha car.
    Would be interseting if the biker gets ejected and has minor injuries, and the car driver dies because a bike is no where his seat is !!!

    Anyone willing to cause an accident on purpose should have their license suspended for life

  8. wow, someone willing to do it deliberately !!!

    as opposed to the idiots on mobile phones who think its just accidental when they pull out without looking.

    sorry rough ride in this morning :furious:
  9. Some cagers are really stupid out there.

    This reminds me of splitting on the way to work. I probably split 5km through traffic each day and there's always some moron that moves toward the centre to block me, all I do is split around them.

    I can't wait for the day that one of these cagers goes overboard and gets a shot to the face.
  10. He'll be stuffed if he comes across a guy like a person I once knew who carries a couple of large steel ball bearings in his jacket pocket. If he didn't get wiped out, he would most certainly pull in front and lob one or both over his shoulders at the guys windscreen.

    If he tried something like that with me, I would wait for the next set of lights, reach in through his open window (even if i had to open it ;) ) switch the engine off, break the key off in the lock, and toss the rest of the keys as far as I could throw them. Then ride off into the sunset.
  11. Clearly he needs to be strung up. It's really just a question as to whether he's worth the time spent drawing and quatering the bastard. Hanging of course wouldn't kill him. He's feet'd be on the ground. The rope between his neck and the ceiling would just stop him running away while he's beaten to death. :twisted:

    Yes, I had a rough day at work, but I don't see why that would've obscured my judgement.
  12. Well since this is Yanky land you could just shoot him and you would be allowed just say you thought he was a terrorist.