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Dont like riding bikes with high foot pegs

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Tomcatalex, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Had a go on a Suzuki RF600 yesterday and found that the foot pegs were way too high for me,
    Im used to riding 80's sport/tourer bikes with low pegs, I know its beter to fly round corners at greater angle, but just not comfortable at all.

    Anyone else ever riden the rf600, didnt even know they existed till a mate let me have a go of it yesterday, is it a sport bike or sport tourer?
  2. The RF was designed as a 900 to fill the gap between the GSXR750 and GSXR1100 and provide something that was more road-orientated than track (so I guess you could call it a sports-tourer). It went up against similar bikes like the ZX9, CBR954 and VFR800, and although it was cheap the fact it wasn't the fastest and it's odd styling hurt sales.
    The 600 version was made using the same frame mainly for the Japanese market, which prohibits bikes over 750cc. For a 600 it's heavy compared to modern bikes, but is lighter than a ZZR600. The RF series was killed off by the fact that very few people are interested in practical, sensible road bikes - so it was basically replaced by the GSXR600/1000 (leaving only the GSX750F).
  3. Strange such a practical bike has such high foot controls, I didnt like it at all, the handle bars were in a good position(more touring) and the seat comfortable, I found the looks to be ok too, my only prob was with the foot pegs/controls, my knees were up towards my chest, top of the sides of the fuel tank, which was also a bit to wide to feel comfortable.
    The bike had only 47k on the dash but the drive chain had a slight rattle at idle. He wanted to sell for cheap, but I sort of said na!
  4. Get yourself a ride on a RF900R and shame most CBR/GSXR from the same vintage.

    I still miss mine and would love another. I suspect the 600 would feel sluggish pretending to be a 900 even with the shorter gearing they had.

    The 900 was and still is a very competent sports tourer although a little fat by modern standards. They have a "cult" folllowing in Europe and US.

    Mine was a 140hp sleeper. I want another!

    jd 272km/h tested in 1994 was quick enough :) and they had the brakes to pull up too.
  5. Oh yeah not denying that, but you know what some buyers are like. If some magazine review says it's 0.00001 of a second slower around a track than another bike then they don't want one.

    Alex, comfort is a relative thing. Personally I found the RF to be a lot more comfortable than most other bikes on the market (but then I have short legs).

    The 600 does have the advantage of an extra gear but since weight is basically the same between the two there's really no reason to pick it over the 900. The 900 was (and I guess still is) definitely very high on my wish list, one of the few fully-faired bikes I actually like the look of.
  6. I've ridden one.

    Very comfortable for the rider, it's a sports tourer by modern standards. I liked it a lot more than the same era's CBR600f, ZX7R, despite having less power, it was easier to use and encouraged long miles.
    The RF600 is still pretty bloody quick, just less top-end than the competition. On the handling, all 600/4's feel like pigs compared to the big singles I'm used to, but the moderate bars gave good leverage to throw it into turns.

    I'd pick it over the 900 because it's a lot cheaper :wink: You can get a tasty bike for not much over $3000