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Don't like F1, you should.....

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. ...........Coz the cager can ride!

    ....."Ferrari Formula One legend Michael Schumacher has shown he is no slouch on two wheels today in Valencia with an incredible performance on Casey Stoner's world championship-winning factory Ducati.
    Seven-times Formula One world champion Schumacher has clocked an incredible best lap of 1.37.89 in a special guest ride on Stoner's GP7.
    That time is just a fraction over five seconds outside of Dani Pedrosa's new lap record, which the Spaniard set in winning the Valencia GP yesterday. Repsol Honda rider Pedrosa's new lap record in the 30-lap race was a 1.32.748."....

  2. Nope, take a heck of a lot more than Schuey riding a bike for me to like F1 cars... used to be in to it to a degree but same shit year after year, McLaren dominates for 3 years then Ferrari gets their turn, then Williams, then etc etc and their is usally like maybe 4 places a car can overtake another car, whereas on bikes they can all overtake at any point, makes for far more exhilarating racing IMO.
  3. nice going schuey! love the orange leathers...
  4. Still a reasonable achievement, F1's woes notwithstanding.

    Quick quiz; who's the only man to have won a World Driver's Championship AND a World Motorcycling Championship. And NO GOOGLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. the only person i know who's done cars and bikes is gardner, but he didn't get a world title did he?
  6. Being 5 seconds off Pedroza would be impressive - were it not for the fact Rossi managed to get within 2 seconds of Schumacher's time in a F1 car (and was able to set very good times in a WRC car, something F1 drivers can't do).
  7. Showing your age Paul. That's got to be Surtees. I've got a vague feeling he might have got both in the same year but I might just be imagining that.

    F1's boring. Schuey's a tw*t.
  8. Can't they? I was sure they'd be fast in anything.
  9. Apparently F1 drivers have a lot of trouble with driving fast on dirt since it requires a totally different technique to driving on tarmac. The reliance on pace notes instead of memorising the track would also be difficult for them I'd imagine.
    There's been a few instances where they've stuck F1 drivers in rally cars and their times have been well off the pace - although rally drivers don't do too bad in F1 cars.
  10. keerect, Surtees won 9 World Titles, between 1956 and 1960, 4 500cc Ttiles and 5 350cc Titles.

    His F1 World Champoinship came in 1964 for Ferrari.
  11. I remember watching a thing on the tv with the two Hakinen's driving (Forgive the spelling) anyways F1 Hakinen got in the WRC car and crashed 4 corners later, as tried as hard as he could and each time fail dramatically.. WRC Hakinen however absolutley blitzed it getting within 2 seconds of F1 Hakys time!!! Lets just say Mika (F1) was a little embarresed :oops:
  12. Yeah Tommy Makinen was the Rally driver and Mika Hakinen was the F1 driver! Tommy drove an EVO when Colin Macrae was in the WRX
  13. I still the best X-over of drivers was when Colin Mcrae had a drive of the Formula 1 machine and flogged the pants of the thing, He drifted it onto the main straight!! spectacular car control!!

    2 Turning, 2 Burning! Awesome site.

    The chief mechanic for the F1 team at the time was heard to mention "The last time I saw a driver with an F1 car that sideways.....It ended in a huge crash"

    I think it was a birthday present from his main sponser (Benson & Hedges?) they sponsered the F1 and the WRC team

    The F1 driver hated the WRC car and couldn't get it right, But Mcrae got in and had a blast.

    RIP Colin McRae
  14. ](*,)
    :tantrum: :tantrum: :tantrum:
  15. :LOL: Get over it Joel, tarmac is the official term used by the FIA. No one ever refers to an asphalt/bitumen/whatever the hell we're supposed to call it rally/race event.
  16. wasnt it wayne gardner?
  17. obviously nobody here watches F1 here... this season was fcuking amazing! it ended with the guy winning with only one point and the next two were tied... how some of you came to the conclusion that its boring and dominated by one team every season... hmmm didn't that happen to moto gp this season by a little know aussie guy? and the last xxx that italian guy?.. schumy is a legend in his own right and BTW they have this race where F1 guys go against WRC rally drivers.. and F1 guys win most of the time :p
  18. Let's just overlook the fact that this years F1 manufacturers championship was decided by lawyers :roll:.
    Oh and if you're referring to the annual Race of Champions then I suggest you check your facts - it has NEVER been won by a F1 driver (or any other circuit racer) in it's entire 20 year history.
  19. Course we don't. It's boring :p .

    Seriously though, the season finish that you describe wasn't the result of any individual race, most of which seem to be processions rather than races. Then there's all the political b*llocks.

    Truth be told, I find most top level motorsport extremely tedious. The most entertaining racing takes place a few levels down where it rarely makes (at least free-to air) TV.

    The big money rahhh-rahhh-rahhh circuses that surround F1 and Moto GP (and our very own Taxi Challenge) also piss me off more and more as I get older and more cynical.

    Give me a good club race meeting (bike or car) any day. That's where you'll see great racing, self sacrifice, true sportsmanship, varied machinery and all the other good things in motorsport. No brolly dollies or champagne showers but no tanties, no prima donnas, not much cheating and the possibility of chatting with the competitors in the paddock. Not to mention watching the sidecar competitors frantically screwing their bikes back together after the traditional post-practice rebuild :grin: .

    And Schuey's still a tw*t who'll dish it out but can't take it.
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