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Don't Let Others Touch Your Bike Gear! (Long)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nodz, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. I was complaining the other day to my better half that after I've ridden for more than five minutes my hands were becoming very sweaty and was having difficulty taking my gloves on and off. In fact if I stopped to fill up the tank of the bike and took my gloves off, all the lining would get wrinkled up inside and I couldn't get them back on properly. They're brand new gloves as well.

    I got up at 6:00AM this morning and got all my riding gear on except my gloves and helmet. I got my bike out of the garage and wheeled it passed the bedroom window and up to the end of the driveway (so that I wouldn't wake everyone up). I did the pre-ride checks, pulled out the choke and thumbed the bike into life. I put on my helmet, did up my jacket, then put on my gloves.

    Unbeknownst to me, my better half had put some Johnson's baby powder in the gloves to dry them out and to make them easier to get on and off. 'Poooof' I was covered in a cloud of white dust. In fact she'd put so much powder inside the gloves that I couldn't get them on properly, my fingers were cramped. I took them off and shook them out, all the while covering the bike and myself with the powder.

    I put them back on, 'pooooof' more clouds of powder everywhere. Some landed on the tank of the bike, so I wiped that off. I noticed that some were on my pants, so I tried to smack it off, large white handprints all over my black draggin jeans. Outside of the gloves now look like the windchill factor was minus fifty and the gloves are frozen on the outside.

    I then get on the bike and take a ride down to the newsagents, I pull up at the shop, stop the bike, take off the gloves, 'pooof' more powder everywhere. I wipe more of it off the tank. I lock the bike up, forget that there's so much powder everywhere and promptly stuff the gloves in the helmet.

    I buy my paper and magazine and get back outside, go through all the preride checks, take out the gloves and put on the helmet. Paused for a sneezing fit for five minutes due to all the powder now inside the helmet. Put the gloves back on, 'poooof' more powder everywhere, now the sleeves of my grey dririder jacket are turning white. The grips of the bike are now white.

    I ride to the petrol station, fill up and more powder all over the forecourt of the servo. The bloke behind the counter looks at me funny as though I've dropped half a kilo of cocaine on the road.

    I ride off in a cloud of white powder. Now the engine starts to battle cause its not getting enough air, having trouble breathing, sucking in too much dust.

    Now the powder's coming out of my helmet and laying on my shoulders like I've got a bad case of dandruff. I pull up at the shops, take off my helmet and get a glance of my reflection in the glass. Sh*t, I've aged twenty years in a ten minute ride!

    I do my shopping come back home take off my helmet, gloves and boots, draggin jeans, everything is white, including me on the inside of my gear!

    Moral of this story:- Don't make off-hand comment to Mrs Nodz that hands are sweaty so powder doesn't get put into them. Don't let anyone, that is not a bike touch your gear.

    Oh. and by the way, if you come across someone that looks like a ghost riding a motobike, don't tear off in fear, stop and say g'day, its probably me covered in Johnson's baby powder!!
  2. That explains the reduced visibility this morning then.
  3. Message from Mrs Nodz.
    This is what I get from trying to take care of him!!
    Just wait till I dubbin his boots!!!
  4. ...or after a disagreement, his gloves.
  5. now that was funny , poor bugger .

    maybe mrs nodz will vasaline the boots if you give her to much crap so be carefull :LOL:

    I dont think that comes under the good samaritin act :LOL:

  6. After that kind of stunt you still call her the "Better Half"??????
  7. LOL that was a funny read.
    Welcome to the world of the strange when riding motorcycle.
  8. Geeezuss thats a lot of poofs to put into one post :shock:
    But funny as a hat full of Across riders :LOL:
    Please don't let the SO do the dubbin thing on the boots as it rots the cotton stitching...there are other things like SnoGO or the like that will see you better off 8)
  9. However you interpret this...... :shock:
  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Too funny!
  11. I'd hate to think what the visor looked like after the sneezing fit :LOL:
  12. I'd like to suggest to missus Nodz that she consider Armour All on the bike seat and boot soles for her next trick :)
  13. I really wish the cops had pulled you up just so you could explain all that :LOL: .

    "Johnson's Baby Powder Sir? Haven't heard that one all week, just mind your head as you get in the back of the car and off for a little chat...
  14. Hey that's the best laugh I've had 4 a while. I dam near choked. :shock: The joys of still getting over a cold & laughing. :roll:
  15. Bwahahaha, too funny, great story Nodz :LOL:
  16. Pretty funny stuff, great idea for moving coke though.
  17. :applause: :LOL: :applause: :LOL: :applause: :LOL: :applause: :LOL:

    Mrs Nodz tries to do the right thing and you're complaining... Sheeez!
    Thankfully my missus helps by opening and closing the gate if it's wet.
    She's a luverly girl.

    Good story mate, send it into Aust RoadRider.

  18. :LOL: :LOL: Great story Nodz!!!
  19. Haha :LOL: :LOL: Thanks for the laugh.

    Lisa :twisted:
  20. Isn't the moral of the story here; Don't buy cheap gear?