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Don't leave your keys in the ignition (+ how to pushstart)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nickt, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Had lunch with the girlfriend today.. and idiot me leaves the keys in the ignition when I went to meet her (I had a backpack+GPS+phone and just forgot them >_< stupid me) and the battery went flat. No lights came on and it wouldn't start.. gah!

    Long story short, I worked out how to push start a bike after some instruction from the guy at the local bike shop.. it seems to be a useful skill that may save you one day so here's how to do it:

    1. Put the bike in 2nd gear, hold the clutch
    2. Get off the bike, put both hands on the handlebars and walk/run with it about 5-6 steps
    3. Release the clutch and the engine should kick over, quickly pull in the clutch and get on the throttle (+brake), bike should start.
    4. Get somewhere you can recharge your battery!

    If there's a better way to do this (or safer? the guy at the bike shop said you should keep yourself kinda leaning on the seat incase the rear wheel tries to jump up) please let me know!


  2. Thats good enough to me.

    Except for the last bit where you ride around for 10 mins & the battery is good again.

    I find with my very limited knowledge that bike batteries need charging every so often especially with sportsbikes & communting.

    Let me know if you wanna borrow the charger as I'm in chats mon to fri.
  3. Hmm really? :) Will see how it goes overnight, though I'm in Wollongong now :] thanks!
  4. Re: Don't leave your keys in the ignition (+ how to pushstar

    Much safer to jump on it before releasing the clutch. That way, it can't take off on you. *2c*
  5. Agree. A downhill helps you push it too :LOL:
  6. to leave your keys in the ignition and on, would mean that you used either the sidestand kill switch or the kill switch, which isn't the best method for turning off your bike
  7. Whats wrong with shutting down by Kill Switch first? We were taught, Kill Switch>Keys>Clutch out>Sidestand.. (or something similar)
  8. Makes fu$# all difference what way you turn your bike off. Ill aways use the kill switch first then the key. In fact, sometimes i just brake until i stop without the clutch in. The bike stalls. (not preferred method)
  9. Actually, it can make a lot of difference. This thread is proof of that. :wink:
  10. Well yeah. I guess it depends if youre stupid enough to leave your keys in the ignition..... :LOL:

    Simple solutions

    A) dont be that stupid
    8) Always put steering lock on before you leave the bike. That way the key will be the last thing you touch and its kinda hard to forget it when its in your hand.
  11. Sometimes it's good to use the sidestand down while in gear (clutch in) to check that the kill switch works.
  12. your lucky this isnt a "dont leave your keys in the ignition...Bike Stolen" thread.

    having said that ...my key can come out with the engine still running :shock: and i never use the kill switch, so one day itll probably happen to me
  13. agreed. it was just an annoying slip of the mind :/ it was a private locked company car park in the middle of nowhere so no dodgy people around (lucky for me).
  14. Mate, the correct way is to sit on the bike and get GF to push. After all it's her fault for distracting you in the first place! :LOL:
  15. bwahahha.. yeah.. that wouldnt go too well in her business suit + heels. :p
  16. yeah agreed :) def her fault :p
  17. When I push my bike, I get up some speed, then get on it, standing on the pegs, then when I drop the clutch, drop my bum into the seat at the same time. This puts more weight onto the back wheel and stops it sliding.

    Probably not necessary for smaller cc bikes, but helps on higher compression bikes.
  18. Re: Don't leave your keys in the ignition (+ how to pushstar

    Nick, depending on how much the battery was drained, getting the
    engine running again by push-start may not necessarily bring it back
    to full strength.

    I'd say this would be the case if when you came back none of your
    lights were working.

    To get full charge again, you would need to charge it back up again.
  19. OK thanks, I edited the original post :)

    In my experience yesterday, I had no problems with my bike since riding it around for half an hour after it did go flat. It worked fine after leaving it overnight and such, should I get it charged somewhere just in case?
  20. brand new bike mate, should be fine.
    i tend to find if im running the bike and not rolling down a hill on it, 4th gear is easier to get it going. jumping on the pegs whilst feathering the clutch will also help, and be the only way to push start a big bike, ie a thou twin.