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don't know if this is a bit crazy..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TheDoctor, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. So tomorrow I am picking up my bike. It is in Richmond, so am grabbing a train and carry my gear with me. I plan to be there at 6.00pm because I have other commitments in the morning. Then it is a 115 km night ride to home in Central Coast. Problem is that it has been raining here and Richmond for the last week so it will a nice wet ride. I obviously dont know the road so I will need to strap my gps to somewhere and waterproof it with a bag or something.

    We'll see!!
  2. Mate, I'm right there with you.....

    Last week I took the 6.30am train to Sydney, two further changes, 2km walk in new biking gear, picked up VFR in the p*ssing rain, then rode for two hours non-stop back to north of Newcastle. This was my first ride on a big (ish) bike for about 7 years.

    Good luck. Hope the weather is better for you than it was today :)
  3. nice!! btw the bike is a 1000rr. glad for you its over

    havent driven in the rain since 2 years ago in italy and that was one bad storm.
  4. Sheesh.....rain, new bike, 1000RR.

    Gulp :shock:

    We should meet up for a ride before you get too fast!
  5. Here's a suggestion: do not turn the black handle on the right very much if it is wet. Simple. Whether it's 100cc or 2500cc, it's throttle control that keeps it all together. The only problem you really have is keeping dry.
  6. It's not crazy, but it IS brave :) :wink:.
  7. ....and, of course, f*cking Sydney drivers. Oh, and the roads.

    Mate, I'll be thinking of you - if I end up on the F3 (which I well might), I'll give you a wide berth.
  8. Will try and keep as dry as possible -

    Motorcycle rain coat over the leathers
    double socks with double plastic bags
    head sock and neck tube
    disposable gloves beneath the leather ones
    piece of cloth strapped to my left wrist to wipe off the helmet visor

    that has worked in the past... hope it works here...
    the thing which worries me most is that the front tire has maybe 25% left and the rear tyre is spanking new. They are both michelin pilots but I hate the fact that the rear is draining water more than the front. I didnt have good experiences when the rear took over the front.
  9. You'll be fine, stop ya sookin' :)
  10. Good luck, I'd advise you check the tyre pressure straight away.
  11. Stay off the F3.... or at least watch out for the diesel.....

    Seriously, take it easy and keep to the speed that you are happy with.

    Enjoy the ride.
  12. yeah you'll be fine bro.i got a feeling its gonna be dry for you and i hope it is.if it aint,we both get wet.
  13. RESPECT!!!

    Shows true devotion!

    Good luck matey :)
  14. The line between crazy and brave is measured in success.
    We can judge which when you get home.
    Happy hunting
  15. if you really want to show that you have the minerals how about going via the putty and peats ridge road? :LOL: :LOL:

    i would
  16. I've just come back from Wyong. North Wyong was, for all intents and purposes, completely closed due to flooding. And it was still falling.

    If you've bought your new bike back through that weather - RESPECT.

    Let us know how you got on.
  17. back home!!

    Just finished wiping my sweetheart and air compressing all the water away. That was one wet ride. At one point could barely see 20 metres in front of me. The worst part was after the central coast highway exit, the twisty downhill with water flooding from the sides of the rocks.

    Sunday I will probably pop by Road Warriors, never been there.

    Hope to see u on the road guys!
  18. hmmm... u befriended st. thomas :)

    here are the pics... gf wasn't too happy to get out in the cold




  19. nice bike mate. hopefully be round that way sunday also..