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Don't jump the green

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by the_blacke, May 21, 2010.

  1. Always look both ways before entering the intersection, especially when the light has just turned green...


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  2. EXCELLENT post. Sticky???????

    I couldn't agree more - I've seen some bikers almost get taken out cause they are so anxious to get off to mark they don't even look.
  3. Thats some pretty good evidence there with those decals on the car. Is it a taxi?
  4. [​IMG]

    Sure is a taxi....
    I'd be sending these photos to the company for sure
    Shame its too blurry to identify the taxi number

    Also just last night on Kessels Rd SW Brisbane, a similar thing happened to me, my light was green while i was still 200m away from it, then just as i was about to go through a Nissan Silvia jumped out from the left and ran the red.
  5. When you play the footage can you make out the cab number? I'd say that is worth reporting. Clearly running a red.
  6. Need to run one of the frames through Photoshop - might be able to sharpen one up enough to get the number
  7. All cabs should be low jacked. They could prolly find it based on the time and place.
  8. So many handy reasons for having a cam on your bike!
  9. OP, specs on the camera you're using.

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  11. Camera is a Kodak Zx3 (PlaySport) waterproof camera, recording in 720p (capable of 1080p) @ 30fps. Mounted on a tank mount ordered off ebay. Tank mount doesn't fit the Z750 perfectly but it's good enough.

    ***NOTE*** listen to the audio quality on the vid linked just above. This is my only disappointment with my setup - the mic on the PlaySport is quite high, and my bike (being a naked) offers no wind protection, so I don't get nice audio. Those on a sports bike or a faired bike would not have this issue. Let me know if you want pics etc etc.
  12. you could try putting a circle of high density foam over the mic section.
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    please report him, absolute moron