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Don't I feel special!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by removed-6, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Went to pick up some parts I had ordered at raceway Suzuki today, after waiting 3 days for them to come from Suzuki Australia, an understandable time frame given the massive distance they needed to travel, Laverton to Niddrie (approx 30km?), and four "we'll ring you as soon as it arrives" from Raceway, I called them (again) and get "oh yeah, there here".

    Anyway, while I'm there I spot the boots that I am longing for. Price tag says $599, so I say to the girl there, what's the best price for these? Now this is the shop where I bought my bike from, brand new, have it serviced there, and are basically the closest Suzuki dealer to me. So she goes away, looks up the boots on the computer, um's and ah's for a bit, gets the calculator and punches some numbers in, and looks up at me and says,

    "Um.........probably.............................$585" :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Thats a massive 2.5% off retail......... :dance: [-X :-k [-( :butt:

    Don't I feel like a valued customer! Was quoted $530 last week from a shop I have never even been too on the other side of town!

    At least I don't have to try to be a loyal customer anymore, screw that!
  2. Obviously she wasn't confident in what she was telling you so probably new to their staff.

    Need to find someone whos nice AND has been there for a while :)
  3. :roll:

    My response woulda been:

    "What?? You're joking right? I'm a regular customer, 10% at least and we're talking!"
  4. I don't get it, how do you feel special? :-$

    :LOL: :wink:
  5. Nope, same chick that was there when I bought my bike mid last year. The service there has just gone rotten the last few times I've wanted stuff. Screw them, I'd rather drive further and be treated like my business is wanted, not like I'm too much of an interuption to their day.
  6. Why is it that people expect discount when they go to a motorcycle shop. At the end of the day the place is a bussines not a charity. If the dealership isnt making money then they cant employ the best staff, have the latest stock, have demo bikes and so on.........

    Would you walk in to Coles super market and say "Hey! I shop here all the time I want 10% discount"

    I find it an odd mentality to want money knocked off the price tag.
  7. Have some more drugs Wazza...... :LOL:
  8. You find it odd to not want to part with any more money than you have to? You have too much money my friend!
    You may not want any reward for your loyalty, but I do, and most do. Not just from motorcycle shops, but everywhere I shop regularly. If they want me to come to them every time I want something they have to make it attractive for me to come back. Otherwise, I'm just gonna look after myself and get the cheapest everytime, wherever that may be.
  9. Building a relationship with a business is tricky. There are those businesses who will never be worthy of your loyalty, because they aren't willing to give anything, which it seems is what Triway found, but for the rest you also need to remember to be a worthwhile customer. We all want to get the best deal possible, but if that is our only focus then we really aren't worth dealing with.

    Take finance on a new bike for example, everyone always says not to use the dealer finance because it's more expensive than alternatives and in some cases it is. However, every finance customer that the shop has leads to them getting a discount on their own finance for floor stock (you didn't think they could afford all those bikes did you?) which means that they then have more room to move on the accessories that you want a discount on later.

    In my case dealer finance was $3 a month more than my bank, so over 5 years it adds $180 to my total cost, but since taking delivery of my bike I've received almost $400 worth of discounts on other gear and I'm always greeted by name and with a smile whenever I enter the store.

    Another thing a lot of people feel entitled to is a discount off the sticker price of a bike. A discount simply isn't always possible and if you are willing to ignore your local dealer for the sake of one or two hundred dollars then you will have no cause for complaint when you need to ride for an hour to get a service after he goes broke and shuts down.

    Profitable dealers means better paid, better quality staff. Most of the people in the industry are there because they share your passion for bikes and they want to give you good service. Finding a good dealer can be hard, but when you do make sure that you are a customer that they will want to go out of their way for.
  10. :LOL: I promise you this, I actually had some more oxycontin at about this time as I saw the clock was 4:47 here and realised I should have some (oxycontin) ASAP so it kicks in before taichi/qigong so I can "handle" the movements. It'd be hilarious (for me anyway hehe) if you was actually typing this the exact moment I was either heading to or actually consuming said drugs.

    Synchronicity, don't ya just love it!?!? :grin: :grin: :grin:
  11. Lance, if Coles would give me a discount for regularly shopping there, I'd regularly shop there. Since they don't, I shop around.

    Having said that, they're not blind to giving something back in order to keep on taking more from you... that's what flybuys and other loyalty programs are about.

    Anyway, the least expensive customer for a shop to get is the customer they already have. That's why cordial service and a bit of "looking after on price" is cheap biccies compared to having to advertise to attract NEW customers for the ones they're driving away.

    I offer most of my business to the one place and in return they don't hit me as hard in the hip pocket. What service they offer is similar to many other places, but I dont feel the need to go to far afield since I'm already being "looked after".


    Bangalla, your finance point is interesting. I've never considered it before. Thanks for the new info.
  12. True, but not ALL dealers are on finance with their bikes. And it also means that if they have to take a couple of hundred dollars off the price to get the sale and move the stock, that's gonna be better than having it sitting on the floor while their cost of the bike rises with every day of interest they are charged, to the point that the bike will owe them more than they can sell it for. Perfect example is when I was at the shop today, they still have a 2006 model GSXR1000 on the floor, surely the interest charges incurred on this bike which has been there for well over 6mths, have effectively priced any chance for profit out of it, there's good business practice. I tried to get them to drop the price a bit around Xmas time when I was there, too a price being offered by another dealer, no thanks, we'll hang on to it because people are gonna be wanting this model when the new one comes out................................yeah right, obviously got that one on the nose :roll: Now they're stuck with a bike that was superseded 6 mths ago.
    And just to add, I was that customer who went there for everything, and told everyone how good they were, now I feel like an idiot, and hope nobody who went there because of my recommendation and is being treated like I was.
  13. Lol i expect a discount.
    Get 10% and favours from my new bike wrecker (they remeba u if u buy shitloads at once.
    As oppsed to metro who can go fcuk emselves.

    And i have to ask but i do get resonable freebies/discounts from my paint shop when u buy big ticket items.
  14. You've hit the nail right on the head. This is the point Im tring to make. Well done bangalla. This has to be one of the most correct true and right posts ever to get put up on Netrider.
  15. Hey Lance, easy with those generalisations!

    For one, I thought the point you were trying to make had to do with the unreasonable expectation of recieving a discount for being a loyal customer??!? :-k
  16. Shush Rob, let Lance say whatever comes to mind.
  17. Ah, 'tis ok, I think he meant this:


    I'm not accounting for the possible scenario that this isn't his first username and/or has been reading NR before 5th August 2007
  18. everything is negotiable (well almost).

    i work at a retravision. people will try to haggle over a $10 bottle of lcd cleaner. things for 10 bucks are not negotiable.

    my boots and draggins had an rrp of $550, i paid 460, so about 16% off. were not on special, were not an old model, nothin'. the salesguy just realised that if i didnt buy it from him, i was just going to buy it (or something similar) from the place nextdoor anyway. and besides, he's got another pair to sell for 550 to someone. why let me walk? sure, maybe he only made 15% margin (guestimate for example only), but its better than making none.
  19. Exactly, and lose a customer for the future. When I was in my retail business if a customer wanted something that I could not source from the distributor/wholesaler, I would go and pay retail for it at another shop and sell it to them at no profit. BUT, I kept them as a customer for the next time they wanted something that I could sell to them at profit. It cost me nothing and I make nothing if I let them walk out, it cost me nothing and I make nothing today if I keep them, but they will be back to help pay my rent next time.
  20. Discounts? Hah!

    Frankly I've got to the point where I'll settle for vaguely competent service and deals that don't constitute criminal fraud.