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Don't forget Le Mans is on tonight!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Q3Arena, May 17, 2015.

  1. Just in case you forget.

    MotoGP in on ONE tonight 9pm here in South Australia. Should be a beauty with Danny Pedrosa back :)
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  2. Awesome thanks, just reminded me. I normally miss it and have to download it after the fact.

  3. Already seen some awesome racing today at mallala for the FX Superbike series. Now considering new Yamaha R1
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  4. I'm thinking Lorenzo has it with Rossi second...
    Pedrosa na.

    I'm in trouble for nagging for looking at One even during the friggin ads! :(
  5. Forget first a d second what about that battle for fourth fcuk me dead. Go maquez
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  6. How awesome was the battle for fourth between Marquez, Ianno and Smith.
    Sweaty palms watching it...fan-friggin-tastic :D
    Won't be able to sleep now!
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  7. That was a great race :)
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  8. I am still so amped after that! :p
    God I wish I could ride like that, just once...then I would know what it tastes like because it sure looks friggin awesome...
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  9. I download all the free practice sessions and the qualifying sessions as well. I can't get enough of it :)
  10. Subscription to MotoGP - sensational purchase, can get my fill anytime I want - love it!
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  11. how much is that subscription ?
  12. blyxemblyxem I pay around $35 per month (24.95€) but I could have bought a season subscription which I will do next year. I only took the monthly subscription this year in case I wasn't happy with the streaming etc and could have cancelled but I love it! Very happy :)
  13. Yea damn, thats a grand idea :)
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