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don't f**k with another man's vehicle

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by music, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. You don't do it. I love that motorbike far more than I love you, and if I find you, I'll show you just how f&#$ much I love that bike.
    The HSC is stressing me right the f@#$ out, and this is the last straw. Why would you steal my numberplate from school? huh? SECOND DAMN TIME TOO.
    What are you gonna do? stick it on your interchangeable bullsh*t car? wont fit. Wave it to your classy motherf***ing friends? I hope you enjoy it as much as i did. Its worthless to you. Shows you just how smart you are. I hope you burn out on your HSC, and get a job shaving male pornstar's balls.
    Riding was the highpoint in the morning going to school and in the afternoon, and as a form of delicious procrastination from study. I found so many alternate routes to the library its ridiculous.
    anyway. Now i have to replace it with money I barely have. Only 2 weeks to go and then I wont have to worry about your retarded antics any more. Screw you.

  2. Twice ey? Sounds like you pissed someone off at school and now they are getting you back?? Karma??

    But here's an idea, park somewhere else? Maybe near a teachers lunch room or something? Maybe somewhere near where you study? Maybe if its stressing you out that much don't ride to school?????

    Relax, yes it sucks, but don't let it f%^& up your HSC...
  3. Buy some Rivets.
  4. ask around, idiots who do dumbshit like that, especially at school, brag about it. get some friends to ask around ect. be smart.
  5. Sucks to be that guy once you find him.

    Hope you kick his ass because he deserves it. My bet is, it's probably a junior who thinks he's cool now that he can hang a bike plate around his neck.
  6. Yup, tamper proof screws or similar sounds like a good idea.. if its likely to be stolen again, take the plate with you in the mornings ;)
  7. All calm now.
    It only cost 40$ for a new one, but you spend half an hour slowly putting 40$ down a drain and you can see its irritating(especially when that's your week's pay)

    I'm only there for another week, so whatever. I'll park it someplace else.
    And karma perhaps, but its been happening to everybody at my school since the new yr 11's came in. Teacher's car tyres have been let down, and a girl i know has had her car keyed consistently about twice a month or something for all this year. And then they rubbed dog sh*t on her windscreen... go figure.

    There's no way I'm not riding to school though. I love it.

    on another note: the guy on the black cbf250 who was overtaking on the inside, tailgating and generally being a tool on the wakehurst parkway, and then on pittwater road, take it easy else you end up under a car.

    EDIT: oh and thanks for the replies guys :)
  8. Tamper proof screws are about $3 at bunnings, although remember to use nyloc nuts on the back of them, they will find it very difficult to remove the plate then.
  9. Atleast your school lets you ride bikes to school.

    Mine doesn't. It makes me sad.

    But i feel your HSC pain. I've finished classes, thank god, it's the best feeling ever, and never having to deal with the bunch of cocks at my school is even better.

    Small circle of friends any day over being a jockish douche.
  10. That sucks man. you should be able to get to school in whatever way you choose, its none of their business.
    And yeah, end of school next week. looking forward to it :D
    no more cliques, retarded peroxide blondes and all sorts of other irritating people i could complain about forever.
  11. Nah man you gotta be a jock. They might be douches but the douches get the girls.
  12. man when u finish park ur bike there and camp out somewhere. wait for em with your nice knuckled gloves.
  13. Yeah i know. I'm a full-time douche. :D
  14. Tell them to get ****ed. :-s
  15. Ride your bike to school man. gets you girls. Im told i have a fan club among the yr 11's, and am known by those who don't know my name as "the motorbike boy" :D:D:D:D
    Hasn't got me any girls yet though. I think.
  16. hey i never said it stopped me from riding to school!

    The days i don't ride my roadie, i ride my motorbike. I'm so hardcore.

    But i've gotten tickets for parking near school, it's a pain in the bum alright!
  17. :(
    Park elsewhere? they sound like pricks. Your choice of transport is of no concern of theirs
    Oh btw, have you started getting tickets for parking at the mall? I have been parking on that big drain cover thing, you know near the roundabout and the post office. and i got a sticker last time I was there saying it was contrary to something or other. they are determined to make me pay.....
  18. rat poison, or some other kind of deadly stuff on them and loosen the screws, they will only take it one more time.
  19. The hell with them, I remember a couple of tools at my school who did stuff like that for kicks. Let down a mates tyre and it got shredded (wasn't let down much, but enough to damage it). He got what was coming to him, plus he's got a go-nowhere job 4 years down the track.

    Don't worry about it. Get revenge if you want, but at the end of the day the joke is on the loser who pulled the prank - they're gonna stay a loser, you can always get another plate.

    Plus one on the anti-tamper screws/rivets/hex heads/whatever.

    - boingk