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Don't do your cash on a red man dash.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rearviewmirror, May 3, 2010.

  1. Was about to post asking if there was something going on, I caught a glimpse of a retard in high viz camping between two cars and aborted my filtering, he seemed to be watching pretty closely when I came into view.
  2. I guess one of the big things to be careful of while they're doing this is to make sure if you DO filter, don't cross the stopping line to get in front of the last car. That's probably the sort of thing they're drooling over.

    Maybe I'll go start crossing major streets on foot at 21 metres from the intersection just to annoy them :D
  3. Is it me, or does there seem to be an increase in "attitude" amongst younger pedestrians wanting to walk in front of bikes and cars? Level glare, walking where they want regardless of who has right of way.

    Gee, I hope the cops get a few of them and re-arrange their "attitude" =D>

  4. To me they're no worse than folks who wear suits and risk their lives running across the street to catch a train or tram. Every day on my bicycle commute to the city I nearly hit 2-3 people who don't look stepping into the bike lane on LaTrobe or William St. Mobile phones should also be banned for pedestrians, they've proven time and time again to be too distracting even when walking.
  5. they are already on it, saw two pushie pulled up at flinder/swanston corner, and 2 bike cops on rathdowne keeping a very close eye on m/bikes and scooters.
  6. Wonder what 'doing the wrong thing' means in relation to m/c, this time?
    'Zero tolerance' suggests breathing...

    I suggest bicycle lanes may feature heavily.
    Good point about the stop line, Grue.
  7. Generation "Me" are growing up now, and engaging in adult activities with all the social awareness of a 3yo throwing a tantrum over only getting a 390ml bottle of coca-cola, instead of a 600ml one, from the vending machine next to the supermarket.

    This attitude has been noted in far more activities than simple street crossing.

    I don't personally blame them though. It's not their fault that their parents were pathetic while emotionally flat-lining on SSRI's.
  8. I've made some enquiries - haven't heard anything back to date.
  9. And the pedestrians who step off against the red in Little Lonsdale Street or cross against the red on the corner of Bourke & Spring Streets.

    And with any luck they'll get the cyclists who I've had several near misses with when they turn into Little Lonsdale St the wrong way as well as the cyclists who charge through tram passengers in Swanston St.
  10. pedestrians are like birds to me.

    If they don't fulfill their natural obligation getting out of the way ive got no problem running em down.

    but is annoying when they get stuck in your intake

  11. I really like the quote in the linked article in the first post;

    "• Fifty-one per cent were male pedestrians."

    No f-ing way!!! So like half of them were not male...... hmmm statistics.
  12. YES!! Every time.. without fail... Peds walking up/down Elizabeth St, crossing Lt Lonsdale without even thinking about looking for vehicles.
  13. "In addition to the pedestrian focus, police will be running Operation Dual targeting motorcyclists and bicyclists doing the wrong thing."

    WTF is the wrong thing?? Cyclists are allowed to filter on the left and sub part c lets motorcyclists do the same.

  14. Go through on the back wheel and watch them scurry like little mice trying to run and hide in an open field... :twisted:
  15. Typical cop/gov BS, being vague because they're just going to make shit up as they go along.
  16. Is that the MRA(Vic) hatred of cyclists coming through again or do you mean you hope they catch both cyclists and motorcyclists doing the wrong thing where ever it may be?
  17. No - it's my very specific personal dislike at being collided with (twice) by cyclists while getting on a tram - and having to dodge morons who come around a corner into a one way street the wrong way and cause me to have to brake hard to avoid them.
  18. "For the next three days my team will completely inundate the CBD with a strong police presence ... "

    So now is the time to be doing Break and Enters in the Burbs :rofl:
  19. Best stuff I've seen all day.

    One cop stopping pedestrians crossing at the corner of Spencer Street and Bourke. Watching the look on peoples faces as they get fined is absolutely gold. I'm going to come in early, sit on the giant piano and just watch it happen. I f****g hate pedestrian behaviour in the CBD.