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Don't do that for a while yet.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Whitie, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. If the 2 L platers that I found lane splitting this morning along Brighton Rd read this... Bike n scooter.

    Don't split through traffic for a while yet. Somethings going to get bent, broken or scratched if you attempt that stuff so early into your riding career.


  2. Were they splitting, or wobbling along in a poor imitation?
  3. Were they squidding as well?
  4. One on a dirt bike, wobbling and bouncing off cars? I hope its not the same guy, he went splat yesterday right next to me at the lights, trying to keep up between lanes...
  5. Poor imitation.
  6. I tried so hard not to laugh, he went to stop, wobbled, paused at that point where it was going either way...wobbled looked at me, and went straight to the ground.
  7. Not a dirty no. Cruiser and scooter.
  8. #8 bulby, Sep 16, 2011
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    I didn't do it :bolt:
  9. gotta remember, not every l plater is new to bikes

    but slap that scooter rider, they're always in the frikkin way
  10. Had an L Plater on a VTR250 try and race me at every set of lights on the Nepean citybound some time ago....thing was, he didn't let up each time.

    He MUST have been new to riding, thinking his bike was a contender against the R1... LOLOL
  11. I had a postie strike up a conversation at the lights, ring it's neck and slam first trying to beat me (firestorm) off the lights... I nearly fell over laughing...
  12. I would have laughed too in your case, Bluefreak. That's too funny :)

    The L Plater on the VTR250 made me cringe - he was pulling off some very non-cool (read 'unsafe') manoeuvres during his constant attempts to take me on.
    I did look at him at one point, shaking my head. He nodded and proceeded to carry on like an idiot. I seriously hope that guy's still alive today.
  13. Not not every L plater is, this one is though..
  14. What have you done-? He will now be a life long nodder,,you have ruined him for life.
  15. Splitting or filtering?
  16. Dribbling by the sounds of it.
  17. haha luckily it wasnt me,
    im an l plater on a vtr250, i dont try to race other bike, i know ill lose considerably.......
    but it doesnt stop me giving it a bit from every light if im fitering (gives me more room, and i like to think it makes those cagers jelly) specially jumping on to the eastink, love touching the rev limiter through the gears and having to brake at the end of the on-ramp:p
  18. trickling?
  19. Fiddling ?

    I always laugh at the small bikes trying to put the boot into it, or for that matter some cars... My bike isnt the quickest, but at 1600cc cruiser, it can get up and go. Had someone in a golf GTi try to go me the other week.

    As for splitting, i pretty much only do it if there is a large gap as the t bird is pretty wide, or more often, use a turn lane to shoot to the front.
  20. Hey it could be, depends which end they come out of.