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Don't buy Aprilia Sportcity

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by bakovenman, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. I am an Aprilia Sportcity 200 owner. Its a great bike but don't buy one in Australia. There are no or very little spares available. My bike had some problems with the drivetrain so the shop mechanics took the bike apart.

    They needed a gasket to put it back together. They ordered a gasket from Aprilia. Its been nearly 2 months and Aprilia have still not been able to supply a gasket.

    So I advise you (although its a great bike), don't buy an Aprilia Sportcity. If Aprilia are unable to supply spares quicker than that then no-one should buy their bikes in Australia.
  2. Errr, ummm ... and hi to you too.

    you'd better say hi in the Welcome lounge before you get hit with the T&C's mate. :grin:

    you'd think a company would at least try ad make sure they have commonly needed parts in the country wouldn't you?
  3. dare i say it, I am not surprised at your predicament.

    John Sample Group (or at least it used to be, i assume it still is) were very average in my experience too. I also used to have a Sportcity and although I didnt have any problems with it, it quickly became obvious that they offered very poor service to their dealer network. My dealer told me waits of a couple of months for parts was quite common.

    It could very well be a problem with Aprilia in Italy, but that shouldnt be your problem. It is up to the Australian importer to provide the backup necessary.
  4. Plenty or riders of regular bikes have to wait months for some parts. Especially after crash damage. I wouldnt be happy if I was you but you're not the only one. You could always ride a postie bike. Cant kill them :LOL:
  5. Just because others have to doesn't make it acceptable.

    Cases of car parts taking many months to arrive from Japan would be extremely few and far between, so why should bikers have to put up with it?
  6. Can't you just buy a weedwacker from BigW and cannibalise it?! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. The interweb is a wonderful thing for us people out here in third world countries. Get yourself on the net, find a forum or parts site in Japan and order the part and get them to express post it to you. Then get said item installed.

    Other option would be to get in touch with a dealer in the USA. They always seem to be able to get their hands on things faster. They are also far more proficient at the whole mail order process.
  8. Well I have to agree that I will probably have to get the part myself. They have still not been able to get the gasket. I mean this is a gasket we are talking about, not something large or something that hardly needs repairing.
  9. It's not just the scooters - I know a couple of guys with new Aprilia bikes that that sort of thing has happened to as well over the past couple of years.
  10. Wow, a couple of guys over a couple of years.
  11. I know 3 Aprilia riders - all had the same troubles with (different) parts for late model Aprilias. That makes me suspicious despite it being a low sample base. Although it's probably the same percentage as 300 Honda riders reporting the same problems. :p

    The fact that the issues occured over a two year period is worrying because it means it's not necessarily a temporary supply problem but possibly a systemic issue wiht Aprilia.
  12. Aprilia had a massive problem with cashflow a couple of years ago. It was related to a model expansion without the background capital to finance the development. When Aprilia were purchased by Piaggio, both the model development and cashflow position improved markedly. It is very similar to what happened to Ducati pre TPG and Benelli pre their Chinese takeover.

    As for parts, I was silly enough to break the mirror on my Tuono earlier this year. A replacement was in Sydney, shipped to me in 2 days and supplied to my grubby little mits for the sum of $65.

    Honda parts are as expensive, if not more so and we are blessed with the local dstributor being based in Melbourne.

    As for spare parts holdings, this JSG should hold common parts. However, a chat to a Ducati dealer will tell you that summertime is a total shit for getting parts for European (Italian) bikes as they all go on leave. Germans, well, having worked for a company that sourced a lot of stuff from our base there, they tend to take leave too, just they're too damned organised to let it interfere with their plans for World domination.
  13. It's a gasket!..........make one :roll:
  14. That's actually a really good call. As long as it's not a head gasket, I'd do that myself.

    Regards, Andrew.