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Dont be faked by cheap imitations

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by nice2Bnaked, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. I recently went to the Pipeworks market (camblefeild area) in melbourne. There was a stall there that sold bike gear.
    They stocked genuine Black Rose gear, which is an OK brand and provides adequate protection. I was surprised to see some Joe Rocket SUZUKI replica jackets, or similair, for only $200 new. There was a good range of colours/styles, but on closer inspection, they were fakes. Being fake is not the issue here, however, as on touching the jacket I realised it was of low grade, non protective cheap leather. It had armour inserts in the shoulders, elbows and back.
    I have had experience working with Evan Delini, making custom jackets and racesuits, and though my knowledge is limited, I know that these jackets would do sweet FA in a slide.

    I asked some questions to the stall holder, playing along with nievety, and was told that they were fakes, but made of the same high quality protective Top Hide leather that the real ones are, and that they are safe for the racetrack ect ect ect. There was also a synthetic Yamaha jacket, which had the CODURA labels on it, and for $170 and a closer look, it wasnt Codura at all. I was shocked and discusted.
    This guy was selling equipment that is meant to save lives and limbs. The fact that new riders would not know better (I wore a sports jacket around for ages) and that the first few months of riding can be most dangerous, means that this is taking advantage of the nieve.
    I have seen similair items at other markets, such as the Queen Victoria, and I think it should be stopped
    This sort of practice is nothing short of Dispicably Evil, and after walking away I will be back next week to tell him (politely) what I think. After all, he might no know either.
  2. On the one hand, if he admits to ALL BUYERS that the gear is fake, then there's really nothing you can do; there are people who like to wear motorcycle gear and look like they're riders, even if they're not.

    On the other hand, you should tell consumer affairs, because this is not dissimilar to selling pirate software; the use of genuine brand names on fake gear is absolutely illegal, and has been the subject of recent crackdowns in NSW..
  3. Best thing to do is get contact details for the stall holder, and then ring Yamaha and/or Joe Rocket and give them the details ... they'll be very happy to hear who/where copyright infringement of their gear is occurring.
  4. Seriously though, if you buy your protective gear from Pipeworks market, you're asking for trouble I reckon.
  5. Sorry guys, but your missing the point...
    It wasnt so much the Copyright laws that I was having a sook about, it was the fact that the stall holder was telling me that the gear was made of High Quality leather. I would probably buy a fake jacket, given that I manufactured protective clothing for Evan Delini, and I know what to look for, and would base my purchase solely on the fact that it would provide good protection (I am poor). These perticulair jackets were made of very thin leather, and would not withstand even a low speed slide. The fact that the stall holder was telling me they were a protective garment was what I thought was wrong. I would not buy a jacket from him, becouse I know better, but I may have when I first started riding. Thats my point.
  6. Good call champ,

    I say confront him about it. If he acts like a pen*s head then take it a step further. It's your duty dude.
  7. I am thinking about going there and maybe buying some stuff. Do they sell any stuff that is safe and good value?
  8. I get your point but I still think the answer is to call Joe Rocket/Yamaha and inform them of the abuse of their brand name and let them deal with it. Hopefuly they will, and they will get this guy off the street.

    Because there is no law against selling poor quality gear, but there is protection for trademarks and such... which might not be morally right, either, but that's another topic. For now that's how things stand, so that's what you can use to get the desired result.
  9. DUDE! :? :mad:

    Did you read any of this thread?

    If you need budget gear just shop around, you will find RJays stuff cheap all over the place.
  10. their Black Rose gear is good. Its cruiser/harley orientated, with Brando style jackets and stuff. Best bet is to look under the For Sale part of this site... Keep the cash with the riders, not dodgy market holders.
  11. Thats why if your new to riding you should always look for genuine gear from a authorised dealer. Even if it costs your more atleast you know its not fake and when you slide the gear will do what it does best.