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Don't be an attention grabbing squid.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Kaer, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Shamlessly stolen from another forum.

  2. Ouch.

    There's a last time for everything eh? Right in front of at least a dozen bikers. Choice.
  3. Lucky she had those big air bags to protect her. :LOL:

    It's not often you need sunglasses in the UK either. :LOL:
  4. I was about to say "who the fcuk squds for attention" but then i saw her hooters :wink:
  5. :eek: :eek: :shock: :shock: :roll: :roll:

  6. bumb biatch.

    nice jubblies tho.
  7. what bike ?? what accident ?? nice fun bags ... head like a robbers dog though
  8. Forget how dumb she is, who would lend her thier bike?

    Or maybe he was offered something in return - but als, she is at the hospital, nothing for him and a stacked bike LOL
  9. Wot can ya say... except you get what your deserve.

    Feel sorry for the bike owner tho, unless they knew what she intended to do.

    I was thinking "she wont do that again".... but anyone that stupid probably would :?
  10. thats gotta hurt.... especially to the owner of the bike
    she might have nice boobs but she had a crap smile and bad taste in sunnys as well
    as for her well she got air bags...frount and back... and a boofy hair..
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. nice rack ! :p

    Are there any after shots ?
    Like how many of the other riders ran to her assistance immediately.

    Its those stoopid Posh Spice Paris Hilton oversized sunglasses that chics think look cool that caused that prang !!

  12. How the hell can she ride with pointy shoes ???
    Anyone else noticed the marks on the road, what is this place a drag strip ?


  13. Or the undersized posh spice paris hilton brain behind the sunnies that caused that prang....

    one word... BIMBO

    wonder who did the mouth to mouth, and who did the "chest compressions" :shock:

    And does silicon impede proper ressucitation?
  14. If that's the Ace cafe then it's the best known biking spot in Britain. The original cafe as in cafe racer.

    Of all the places to be stupid she couldn't have picked a better one... :LOL:

    She'll be known through the length and breadth of the UK as the chick that came off outside the Ace... The only way she'll live it down is to change her name and have plastic surgery... :LOL: :LOL:
    actually she may already have had the plastic surgery...

  15. meh, she's better dressed for riding than half the people i see on the roads here in summer :p
  16. Ha ha, that's funny as hell.... sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get noticed :grin:

    Good points Troy, ha ha
  17. way to get me excited...

    when i saw the pics i was just scared... *shudders*