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Don't be a ****... VicRoads new ad

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Nightowl, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,

    This ad is part of VicRoads new internet advertising campaign to engage young/new drivers ... I would expect this attitude to also flow through to riders.

    Was really unsure where to post this, here, or in General, Multimedia or even off-topic - but as it involves gvt, VicPol, road users, training etc figured here was perhaps best. If it's better somewhere else, sorry, please move.

    Also, my apologies if this has already been covered ... I did do a search but didn't find any reference to it.

    Link to the "Don't be a **** " internet ad "Bad Drivers" is here.

    :rofl: ... VicRoads "official" title/tagline doesn't measure up to the standards of the Netrider automated censor.

    I ran this past a few who I think fit their "target market" - and to put it politely the response was "epic fail".

    Was interested in hearing your thoughts.

    I was thinking it appears they're so far out of touch that just maybe there's a much broader level of support amongst the general public for initiatives being proposed (here on N/R) than anticipated.

    The article:

    The Motor Report - Mar 29, 2010

    Interesting to note that comments for the vid have been disabled - so I wonder how they gauge reception, hit count is insufficient.

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  2. Bureau of Meteorology !!!!!!!!!

  3. why is bom getting stats for vicroads (if in fact they actually are)?
  4. Did you see this one?

    WTF? :rofl:

  5. I thought it was a bit amateurish. Crappy script.
  6. The one thing I like about that ad - is that it does not unfairly attack young male drivers as most of these campaigns are wont to do
  7. I didn't think it was that bad. I've no idea whether it'll be effective but at least it didn't make my mind bleed like most Aus. road safety ads.
  8. Haha, I loved that ad.

    Will it do anything? Nope. Little tarts like the girl in the ad are what most drivers are like. The skill is mostly there, but the attitude sucks. Anyone with shit obstructing the windscreen like that should have an RPG fired at their car.
  9. Pfft, increase the fines. It'd actually be one of the few fines I'd be happy to see jump right up.
  10. Old news. This ad campaign was mentioned a few months back, the language used being the reason the MSM was making a fuss.
  11. Lol!!! My thoughts too. Wasn't till the very last screen shot that I thought, "oh, so that's the point". :D

    Started off thinking what bad drivers/issues are being highlighted this time ...

    1. Racial stereotypes? pffttt. That one may have been prevalent 10+ years ago. Nope, not that because he's FANTASTIC ... ummm, who are you? I'm sure there's plenty of people out there (90+%???? :rofl:) who think their driving's fantastic.

    2. BOM stats - okay, so not heading down credibility path, it's a special brand of humour.

    3. Is it the disabled ... blind :)-s thought if you were blind you were unable to drive, my bad) ... pirates???

    4. Ah, so it's installing technology jammers they're heading towards for L & P platers ... nope. Wrong again.

    5. Vandalising teenagers posessions?

    6. Violence against young women (granny rage)???

    Nope, wrong again. *giggle* ... so it's about lions, Joe. :D

    Agree, Luke. Maybe they should have hand-balled it to "Wilfred the Dog" or some such. :wink:

    Certainly was a different approach moto. Effectiveness in this neck of the woods, nada.

    Hey TuonoP, looks like it was launched at very end of Mar 2010, only 3 mths ago ... I hadn't seen it before, maybe 'old' but new to me. :grin: Link to that other discussion you mentioned??? The article didn't seem so fussed as to the language ... more the fabricated BOM quote paraded with a certain authority.
  12. Err.... how dare they leave out Hector the Cat!


  13. :rofl:

  14. I thought the part were he jokes about the girl belonging in jail was funny just because I know so many chicks like that. However I don't understand what the BOM have to do with traffic safety?
  15. Yep, I smiled at that line too, liked the delivery ... but when got to the end & saw it was targeting mobile phones, wondered why she wasn't txting instead of tapping it out on a keyboard. Personally haven't seen anyone typing on a laptop while driving.

    The BOM stat was meant (I think) to be funny ... aside from weather impacting driving conditions don't understand the relevance of that myself. Fabricated I suppose as an excuse to call half of Vic drivers *s/h* :wink:
  16. The problem here is you started watching the ad with a pre-made negative impression before you even saw it.
    You people should stop attacking EVERYTHING vicroads does, and look at it from an outsiders point of view.
    I thought this ad was rather good actually.
    It is quite funny, and will get through to the youngins like me a lot better than previous ads. Its specifically targeting teenage girls because they are the ones who are caught most often driving and texting/talking on the phone.

    You cant critizise everything they do. At least their doing SOMETHING to try and get through to the youngins.
  17. Give yourself time. On my daily filter through Perth, I reckon I've seen almost everything.
  18. The first rule of targeting teens and young adults is do not emulate or try to be teens or young adults. That just results in instant fail. Same applies here.
  19. Great, so can we change the message to "Dont be a smelly vagina" and see how well that goes down?

    This whole deal was an epic divide by zero fail. I wouldnt care except for the fact that a bunch of taxpayer money was spent producing this.
  20. Really? The logical viewpoint is that it was either this or generic "speeding kills". This made me lol, therefore, slightly more worth it.

    You cannot do any sort of ad to change a ****wit driver.