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Don't ask, or I'll tell

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Good article Jason. :) :)
  2. Now that is a ripper. Why is it I cannot think of witty things to say like that when I need to.

  3. Love it! Very true too. I've tried the "yeah really shit, thanks for asking!" response and their take on that often improves my day.
  4. What a great article! I think I'll forward the link to my boss.

    A few weeks ago she asked "how was your weekend?" and I told her the truth - bloody awful. My ex and I took our daughter to hospital after a dog attack and my 78yo great-uncle (schizophrenic, lives independantly, walks 5km a day and for whom I'm the primary carer) woke up from heart surgery to find himself a paraplegic who'll need ongoing personal care and will never go back to the flat where he feels safest.

    Her response was "Well, that's your problem, not mine".

    My own fault for mistaking a "How are you?" question for a genuine interest. Beware of micro-friends!
  5. what you do is get in first and say "good thanks!"

    totally stumps anyone, even ppls that are expecting that :LOL:
  6. I did something like this a little while ago. If fact I've done it three times in about the last two months.
    On all occasions I was walking through the shopping centre and was accosted by a smartly dressed man or woman going to tell me about and hopefully get me to sign up for the latest Amex gold card.

    Situation 1.
    Man: "Sir, can I ask you a few questions?"
    Nodz: "No."
    ...Nodz keeps walking, man was absolutely stunned didn't know where to go from here, hadn't been taught how to deal with this if someone answered in the negative to his speil.

    Situation 2.
    Woman: "Sir, how would you like to sign up for the new Amex Gold Card?"
    Nodz: "Only if you can pay the bill at the end of each month."
    ...Nodz keeps walking, woman conferring in hushed tones with associate that she couldn't believe how someone had turned down here beguiling charm and phoney smile.

    Situation 3.
    Young Man: "Sir, would you like to sign up for the new Amex Gold card?"
    Nodz: with three kids in tow and Mrs Nodz elsewhere in the shopping centre..."I've got three children (me pointing to the kids), obviously you don't have any, if you did you wouldn't be asking such a stupid question."
  7. Jezuz Mark! I hope your response to that was "get fcuked slimy tart!", what a biatch.
  8. Good article . But will never ask any-one how their day was now .
  9. excellent variation on 'single-serve' friends (Fight Club).

    in tyler we trust ;)
  10. While I agree that we all have bad days when the "how are you" question grates on your nerves, but can you imagine how horrible every interaction in a store would be if the staff didn't talk to you other than to tell you how much you needed to pay?

    If you go to a store for the first time, the treatment you get from the staff is often the thing that decides if you will go back again. Once you've been there a few times, the staff do genuinely care about how you are. It's a long day serving people and a bit of friendly banter with a customer makes a big difference to your day.

    Heinlein said it best: "Manners are the oil that keeps the gears of life turning smoothly" (not an exact quote, I don't have the book here!... but that was the spirit)
  11. Fark now that is seriously rough.....on both accounts the situation and her response....she had a chance to cement a solid work friendship (one step up from the mirco/single serve friend) but not only passed it up but absolutely and totally burnt and chance of there being a civil conversation between you again. I wouldn't be taking any blame upon yourself.

    I'd been wondering why I hadn't seen much of you of late, guess there are bigger things that posting to be focusing on at the moment. Sending Good vibes and a dash of + Karma your way.
  12. Titania, I agree to a certain extent with what you're saying but...(there's always a but)
    I can honestly say that most stores wouldn't recognise me, even if I presented myself a thousand times. I have a face of anonimity that fades into obscurity. OTOH, if it is a small store that sees only a regular clientel then yes they probably would recognise me after several visits.
  13. A lot of the time its a two way street, I've got as little interest as they do. But on the odd occasion you bump into another rider on the other side of the counter and the interactions are no longer fake (or as fake) another benefit of the all nodding and waving brotherhood.

    For example, our last Telstra Account manager was a sportbike rider, we'd shoot each other photos of our last ride and chat about all things bikes. Our account was flawlessly managed. After he left we got some no name bloke who doesn't seem to give two shits (getting my name wrong, deleting 4 days worth of business calls in a message bank) and its been a HUGE uphill battle to get anything done.
  14. A big difference in attitude and the "hows you day question?" comes about when the coffee maker knows your name, preferance and you bother to learn their name as well. Especially different when you are away for a couple of weeks and they notice!!
  15. My Father used to love saying 'Terrible' only to have them then look him in the eye and he owuld have a grin on his face and a small dose of pride for breakign the Status Quo.....

    I still do it every now and then... it's always fun to turn the question back on them too
  16. Ever noticed when you go to the doctor and they ask how you are, you automatically say fine?? :)