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Donski1's new bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bluesuede, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone.

    Well I've noted that Donna (donski1) has been extremely slack. She's gone and picked up a new bike, and not only has she not yet supplied any pics, she hasn't even bothered with a new bike thread.

    So I figured I'd better rectify that for her asap.

    She's very happy with her new bike, and always the resourceful one, she's gone to the trouble of manufacturing her own aftermarket accessories for it. Took her a while to get them finished, but she got started on them in preparation back on the Eden ride last year.

    So without any further ado, here's a pic of her new ride!


    (Ok in all seriousness she's got herself a Triumph Street Triple :p )
  2. Noice :LOL:

    What's ironic Ian is that they ordered the wrong coloured helmet so she's currently sporting a lovely pink Shoei, how befitting!
  3. Well it's about bloody time...I've been waiting for pics!!!

  4. :LOL: Good one
    I've been hassling her to show off too! I like your approach best :wink:
  5. is this the worlds biggest tea cosy?
  6. You bugger Ian! That's not what my bike looks like, that's only the bike cover.

    OK, for a start the pink flowery helmet has now been replaced by a slightly less girly black/white flowery helmet instead - thank god.

    Second - sorry to disappoint the readers, but I don't actually own a camera and besides, I'm sure most of you know what a Triumph Street Triple looks like by now. My one looks just the same as the ones in the brochures, except with a gorgeous, happy, leather clad blonde draped over it. (that would be me!)

    1000km clocked up in 3 days, so it's already for it's first service. Sheer, unadulterated lust. Couldn't be more stoked. God I'm fast!
    It's given the motivation to get back to Thurs night mystery rides, so I'll be the one there this week grinning inanely on my sexy black beast.

    So, if anyone has a camera and wants to come riding with me, just say gidday and I'm there, and then I'll post pics and then Bluesuede you and Ktulu will be happy.
  7. ...one Street Triple with a gorgeous, happy, leather clad blonde draped over it, coming up...


  8. Ah Sarz, you naughty girl. I was so hoping to avoid that photo - it's sooo unflattering. I don't look like that at all really - I look much better I'm sure!
  9. Sorry babe, thought that was the all clear

    ..but relax

    the photo's fine ...however one weekend I should get you out with my SLR, not the crappy phone camera, for some exotic semi-p0rn shots of you humping and mounting your bike in a triumphant Trumpy glory...then, more than just ktulu will be pleased with the 'my new bike' thread :wink:
  10. Nice on Donna !!
    love the color scheme

    .. Oh and the bike in the second pic looks good too :p
  11. Finally a photo after all the badgering, geez its got plenty of street cred, tough looking bike for sure.
  12. Now that's more like it, Donna! :twisted:
    Nice work, Sarz. Car park shop will do for now :grin:
  13. hehe my work is done :grin:

    Come on Sara, a little creative bit of photoshopping - I'm sure I remember some pics from a couple of months ago you could use for that :twisted: :LOL:
  14. woohoo....congrats on the upgrade
  15. Congrats Donna nice bike

    I bet you now look supper cool with the pink vest! lol
  16. Yeah, the vest is still going. See you're on the Dargo ride. I might just leave the vest at home that weekend, but it'll be good to have a beer with you.
  17. sooooo tempting :LOL:
  18. OK show us another pic...... ;-)
  19. Johnny O - I think you've already seen some others hey? 38-48?!
  20. lol I don't what you could be talking about?!!! :wink:

    48....... 25