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Donor bike for motard project

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MV, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. I've been toying with the idea of a motard, but the price has always put off, (I'm a bit tight like that!), but now, we're down to one bike, my shed is decidedly empty & I feel like doing something financially stupid... :angel:

    So what I'm looking for are suggestions for a donor bike to motard.

    It needs:

    Front discs!

    at least 30 HP. Edit: Maybe 25... Definitely not 17. More than 20...


    Can be unusual, especially if it's cheap.

    That's about all my requirements!

    I'm thinking an older 4 stroke, not crazy power or servicing schedules, 250-400cc. I've been looking at things like old XR/XL/XT hondas for reliability, but I'm not sure what's registerable & what isn't... I'm really not familiar with any of these types of bike, so, over to you!
  2. No prizes for guessing my recommendation ... :)

  3. Looks a bit heavy... :)

    Edit: Is yours the 650? The 250 looks good...
  4. Put an ad on gumtree - few fella's there keen to clear out their sheds.

    I put an ad up just for a mc wreck so I could have a play with a few engine bits and pieces, was offered a working scooter for $200 without rego of course, but I was also offered a few dirt bikes on a "take it all" basis. Unfortunately with my knowledge of mechanics and their description I would've only been able to do a homer simpson trying to build that barbie.
  5. Sweet deal! (Those dirt bikes still available?)

    I'll do something like that I reckon, but the problem is I have no idea which bikes I should be keeping an eye out for...
  6. Your 30hp requirement rules out the 250s, the DRZ400 would make it but they arent cheap as they arent that old.

    I would look at the XR600 or maybe the XR400, probably the 600 though. Get one with lights for registerability.
  7. I could take 27HP... :)
  8. DR650 of course, if you can find one cheap. Huge potential and they're made from better quality cheese than their Honda equivalents.
  9. Oh yeah, I forgot about the DR, and I own one. Doh

    The DR has lots of parts available and they are bulletproof.
  10. Thus far, I have found bikes along the lines of: KLR250 (thanks LN!), DT200, DR250, XR/XL/XT250 & possibly an RMX250... That would be fun!

    Not ruling out two strokes...

    I have also had a very vague conversation with Vicroads, the gist of which was, if it has/had rec rego it can get a full rego... But maybe not. But pretty much any bike can get rec rego.

  11. I didn't even look cos they're generally not cheap enough for me!

    I'd be happy with a basket case from some guys shed & just build it up from there...
  12. Sounds pretty unlikely. Basically, if it ain't got a Compliance Plate you ain't going to get it licensed. Not by any means that fits the description "cheap" anyway.
  13. Yeah, it was a very vague conversation...
  14. How much are you looking to spend you could get a ktm 520 for around 3k
  15. As little as possible, slightly more than $0 would be acceptable for the donor bike :)

    I'm thinking max $1K. Happy to start with a basket case.
  16. I would just keep an eye out on Ebay for a blown motor 2 stroke, you might get one for very little and start from there.

    You can set alerts on Ebay for when they come up using the search function.
  17. go for an old xr600 mate. Absolute bulletproof and once you put those 17"s on it you will not keep the front wheel down.
    Proven technology/cheap parts/easy to service/Bulletproof/Very good performance
  18. xr600 gets my vote. reliable, good torque and spread of gear ratios. they arent the lightest bike but carry the weight very very low so they turn well.

    do it. and not to mention the aftermarket support.
  19. It doesn't really fit any of the requirements but I saw an exquisite Yamaha XT500 motard in silver and red a few months back.

    It was a fairly serious job though. Modified SR500 motor, 36mm flatslide Mikuni, WR forks and front brakes etc.
  20. Hey MV, yep I have the 650. Not sure how it compares weight-wise to other bikes but it produces 44bhp / 33kw according to the spec sheet (35bhp / 26kw typical at the back wheel).

    I reckon an early series KLR has the look you're after and would motard up a treat. But hey, I'm biased :)