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Donkey Dan's Last Ride - a little longish

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by TonyE, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. I found this again the other day after it had been lost for years and thought it worth posting - it is (sort of) bike related :LOL:

    It was written by a group of us many years ago during a long drunken afternoon in various pubs around Kapunda as an entry in the Bush Poetry Section of the Celtic Music Competitions there. While it didn't win, the winner acknowledged on ABC Radio some weeks later that it possibly might have if one of the judges hadn't fancied her at the time :LOL:

  2. pretty darn good, ive spent time at bungendore and 'the flat' as well as majors creek :)
  3. Parts are true - well the brawl anyway :LOL: :LOL:

    It occured about 30 years ago - back when Bungendore really was a remote hole (instead of a trendy hole) :LOL:

    I think the MC club involved may have been the old "Silent Choir" - not 100% certain on that. :LOL:

    I do remember hearing that it was a real wild-west type no holds barred brawl and the cops took over an hour to arrive. Not sure which of the 2 Bungendore pubs it was at though.

    Funnily enough we wrote a sequel for the next year which is lost - we didn't make it to Kapunda the next year. It had a remarkable similarity to the Elephant transplant joke in another thread :wink:

    From Memory, Dan got the Elephant's trunk transplant then got religion - became a vicar and was disgraced at the Bishop's Garden Party when a plate of cream buns came past.

    Wasn't as good though...
  4. that was brilliant :D
  5. Nice one!

    Brings back memories, I've been tightly wound around a few sprockets in my time.... ;) :LOL: