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Done what even kitzo couldnt

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cnstr, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. It's finally official folks. The world is coming to an end. It must be 'cuase yours truly is due to become a dad about the 24th march 2006.

    And apparently it's a boy, hence the subject :)

    You know i still love you Vic.
  2. Congratulations and welcome to the end of your free time ;)
  3. Congrats bloke!

  4. Congrat Brent.. :D :D

    But..are you sure its not Vics?? :wink: :p
  5. Congradulations!

    How much will you be selling your bike for?? :p
  6. Holy crap!

    There'll be two of you now???
  7. OMG THE WORLD IS GONNA END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p :LOL: :LOL:

    Congradulations Brent.

    Hope everything goes well.

  8. Congratulations Brent! :D :D :D

  9. Congrat Brent..

    eyes off it...or i will geet real nasty!!!! he is going to give it to me!
  10. congrats!
    As proud dad of a young lad myself this year the feeling gets even better when the little one is born and u hold him in your arms.
    Best feeling you will ever have.
  11. Congrats, that's three potential Netriders, and March 24 is a cool date, nearly as cool as the 26th!!!

    Welcome to the world of sleepless nights, wet nappies and the best experience in the world!
  12. Congrats Brent!! :)
  13. Congrats Brent!!

    :D :D
  14. The feeling as you lift him up......and he pisses on you.

    :? :LOL:
  15. Looks like a few of you should be having a chat to Chairman about fitting Sidecars to your bikes :p

    Congrats from me as well.
  16. Congrats, champ :D
    Must be something in the water at the moment, as we just found out this week that our second is on the way, too.
    Whatever you do, DON'T sell the bike. It's all good and all that, but you'll need it once in a while just to come up for air, and keep yourself sane :)
    Oh, and the overwhelming feeling starts to settle down a bit after the first couple of weeks! (years? decades?).
  17. Brent best of luck to all involved, your world has just become a whole lot more interesting. There are amazing times ahead.

    Possibly true Smee, but I feel that when they come of an age that you tell them they can now look after themselves, and you get your own life back, is pretty special too.

  18. Congrats Brent :)
    Definitely keep the bike, even if you use the excuse that you'll be riding to work to save money ;)
  19. Congrats to titus and your family as well :)

    Winter must have been cold this year - on another forum I'm a member of, there's over 20 of the girls that are "expecting", and I think half a dozen others who've recently "dropped" :eek:
  20. Congrats Brent - :)