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Done well

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Pockets, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Shark RSI helmet - Free
    Spidi leather jacket - $250.00
    Shift leather gloves - $40.00
    RST boots - $40.00
    08 ninja 250 - $3000.00 with a r/w (no rego though). Really good nick!

    Just need pants and a license (should of thought about this one sooner) and i'm ready to roll.

    See you shortly.
  2. pics or it never happened...
  3. Care to explain how you got those so cheap?
  4. as Cougs said 'pics or it never happened' and if theres a bikini clad model draped onthe bike or posing inthe gear ??! lol
  5. Attached Files:

  6. 1 issue with the bike, stand still slow drop on right hand side. As seen in picture indicator is broken though is getting replaced before i pick up the bike next week as it is required for the r/w.
  7. rv's check done on bike? not a rep write off?
    if bikes all clear, farkin bargain!!
  8. All done, not a rep write off, not stolen and not on finance. 1 female owner who has receipts of purchase from the kwaka dealership.

    Only 10,000k's aswell which is good.
  9. And free luggage rack, score.