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[done]Person needed to check out bike in West Hoxton!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ang, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    I am Ang, Kathleen's (Celastrina) housemate in Canberra..

    I have a favour I was wondering if I could ask of someone who lives near West Hoxton.. There is a learner legal bike for sale there, and as I am stuck working in Canberra and need to move fast on the purchase, I was wondering if someone wouldn't mind going to have a look at it for me, make sure there's no horrible noises coming from it, and if you feel like it, give it a little test ride please? I'd be happy to remunerate someone for their time..

    I guess my email address should be shown in my profile - I can't post it yet...

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help!
    :) Ang
  2. west hoxon as in near hoxton park in south west sydney?
  3. Yes, as in near Liverpool, I believe..

    BTW, it's a 500cc bike, and pretty powerful, as far as L/legal bikes go..
  4. Hi all,
    I'd just like to thank Paul and his wife from Wollongong, who nicely offered to go for an hour's worth of a trip to West Hoxton to check out said bike for me today..

    Unfortunately, I had to pull the plug last night, as the seller sold the bike before Paul had a chance to get there..

    Grrr... How rude... especially since he knew Paul was driving/riding at least an hour out of his way to check it out!! :?

    So thanks, Paul and Mrs Paul, you guys rock..
  5. Hi all, I'm now the proud owner of a 1984 Suzuki GSX550EFE...

    I'm very happy with it..

    I just gotta get ACT Road User Services to accept that it's learner legal... they're trying to tell me it's not... I reckon they got their calculations wrong.. Currently on the warpath to prove 'em wrong..