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Done my very first service

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rob53, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. On the weekend I serviced my bike myself for the first time. For a newb with no mechanical experience on bikes, it wasn't too bad.

    It took a bit of time cause I was doing things carefully, but next time round I reckon it would take me a quarter of the time.

    The hardest part was removing the spark plugs because I lost my spark plug sockets. (Thankfully my brother had a lawnmower one! Must remember to buy another spark plug tool set from supercheap)

    Any newb's out there thinking of trying to service their bike themselves, have a go! It's not really that hard.
  2. cool! what did you do?
  3. nice work... saves you a heap of cash in the long run and you can do it when you want and not when the mechanic can fit you in.. after your first go you will do more and more as time goes on..
  4. Satisfying feeling, isn't it?

    In the space of a few years I've gone from not being able to inflate tyres to changing oil, filters, rejetting carbs, rebuilding forks, doing valves blah blah. Next winter I'm going to try and get a flatslide carb, port the bugger, bore her out, swap the cam and change the stroke of the engine.

    Stupidly addictive stuff this motorbike business.
  5. aint it the truth, everytime you look at the thing you think of ways to make it better / different.. is a great way to kill time if you need to..
  6. where's the best place to start guys?

    i guess changing oil etc

    how easy is it to check rear wheel alignment? i think mine is a little of after a drop a while back. too much for a noob?
  7. oil is the perfect place to start.. they are all the same really.
    warm it up
    drain it out
    run about 200 mls new oil through and let it drain to clean some crap out
    plug in
    fill to spec.. your owners book should say how much..
    always good to go a little under and then add small amounts to get the level right in the sight glass.
    go for a ride round the block and let it sit for an hour and then check the level. too low - add a bit, too high - pull a bit out with syringe and tube.
    go for another ride and enjoy happy new oil.
    cheapest insurance ever.
  8. yeah, and in my case, engines :LOL:
  9. know anyone with an ex500 donk i can throw in the 250 ?
  10. Nah, there's one or two 400's around, but no 500 that I know of. There's a 400 donk in Melbourne missing a stator and one or two others for around $600.00
  11. Yeah it's a pretty satisfying job!

    I changed:
    -oil filter
    -air filter
    -spark plugs
    -Adjusted tappets
    -emptied fuel bowel
    -drained and refilled radiator coolant
    -Adjusted chain[/list]
    -Cleaned and lubed chain
    -Went for a ride :p

    Any newbs wanting to know where to start, just read your owners manual and / or get a workshop manual. I was pretty surprised at the amount of detail my manual had on how to perform the maintenance. Just follow the steps and don't cut corners and you should be fine.
  12. good one. and you can get so many manuals off the web that will cover most everything.
  13. A search in the maintenance section will provide a fair few links to a lot of manuals that you can download for free too. (In case anyone hasn't found out already :p)