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Done for 105 in a 100, when 100 is 117 on my speedo{moved from general do it again and netrider will

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Gord, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Just wondering what sort of recourse is available in this situation.

    I ride a LAMS suzuki GS500, and my girl rides a Honda CB400. Both show exactly 117kph when gps shows 100kph.

    How are these learner bikes allowed to be so far out? Roadworthy was given only months ago. If my gauges so blatantly lie to me, how can I be accountable for one kph over the finable limit?

    Inb4 butthurt righteous motherfarkers. yes, I was going too quick. I know this. But my speedo at a detected 108 (alleged 105) would have been showing 125kph. That's just not on.

    I don't care for arguments about tread, either.
  2. Everything else aside, how do you compare to traffic around you, and have you ever compared it to another bike or cage that is more accurate?

    Very very unlikely that both speedos just happen to be out by 17kph, its more likely your gps is wrong with two bikes showing exactly the same. They wouldnt be set that badly at the factory, only read a few km fast.

    Its not impossible that they are both out and the GPS is right. Most accurate way to check it is on a dyno.
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  5. you tool the speedo over estimates exactly for the purpose of you not blaming the manufacturer for your speeding

    and so it seems faster, which is good

    i would feel lucky for only getting booked 5 kph over ;)
    thats like winning the lotto
  6. Short answer, none.

    If you believe the cops radar/laser was innaccurate then you could contest it in court. But keep in mind that many GPSs only track your speed along a flat plane - and are therefore innaccurate if you're going up or down a hill. Defending the accuracy of your GPS (or the speedo you know is innaccurate) vs a calibrated Police laser/radar is going to cost a lot more than a low-level speeding fine.
  7. I don't think it's your gauges lying to you, I think it's your gps. Pay the fine, don't think you have an option.
  8. Practice making origami pigs out of $5 notes :)
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  9. Think ADR's say 10% plus or minus 4k. You could spend the money to verify its more than 10% out but that and the court case will be heaps more than the fine. Less than 10k over. Try for a warning.
  10. Regarding the GPS versus speedo, I'd be more inclined to go by the tacho/gear to work out my real speed. The other cheap test is to fit a bicycle speedo, but the first suggestion is more fool-proof. None of these pertain to fighting your fine of course.
  11. What?

    Your speedo says you were doing 117Km/h? But you were actually only doing 105?

    Take it to court, it will be hilarious. You will walk in there and testify "Your honor, this fine is wrong because my speedo says I was doing 117, so I shouldn't have to pay it!"

    I'm pretty sure they would be happy to increase the fine to 117 in a 100 zone based on your guilty plea alone?

    The only time getting your speedo tested should help as a defense is if it is UNDERstating your speed. If you were doing 105, but it was telling you 95, you may have a case. But not over, that's just silly.
  12. But that would only prove the bike isn't ADR compliant now - not that it wasn't ADR compliant when they bought it.

    Plus contesting a speeding fine on the basis that you know your speedo isn't ADR compliant does sound destined to fail.
  13. Speedo is irrelevant to speeding charge, unless it has been recently calibrated and you have at least one reliable passenger witness.
  14. How does recently calibrated differ from recently roadworthy'd?

    The GPS device ran all 3 chinese, russian and american gps algorithms. Your tomtom or garmin doesn't do that. I have no doubt about it's accuracy. I'm just saying that a bike that is out by 17kmph @ 100 is bullshit, and another learner bike next to it showing the exact same figures confirms that point.

    If you read my opening post, I'm not even trying to argue the point about what my speedo says Vs the 'detected' speed. My argument is what is passable based on victorian roadworthy rules. Over or under makes no difference. 17kph at 100 is just a joke.
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  16. My understanding from a few posts I've read is that the GS500 typically reads about 10% over. The CB400 usually 5-7% over.

    You have changed sprockets on either bike have you?
  17. I don't understand this.

    When both bikes are keeping pace with each, their speedos both show 117 km/h, while the GPS is indicating 100 km/h? Did you do this many times in an attempt to verify the calibration of the bikes speedos or something?

    And then some time later you have a copper getting you travelling 108 km/h... what was the speedo indicating then?

    I don't think arguing along the lines that:

    you knew that both bikes had speedos that over-indicated speed,

    you mentally tried to adjust for this based upon a calibration experiment with GPS,

    stuffed up and accidentally sped will get you out of trouble.
  18. Those bikes would probably have the speed signal from the front wheel or axle though wouldn't they?
  19. You are right it won't, but I don't think Brmmm was really saying otherwise. Something about speeding being a strict liability offence - all that is needed for prosecution is evidence that you were offending.
  20. I plead negligence in knowing where the speed detection comes from. Either way, tread level comes no where near +-17% @100.

    All I'm saying is the speedo is so far off accurate, and roadworthied, how can the user be held responsible.

    Again, for all you hoity toity righteous carnts on here, I KNOW I was at 120-125kph on the speedo, because i know it was such a long way off. I'm not debating that fact. I'm just pissed off that I can buy a roadworthy bike (2nd hand OR NEW) and it will be; as i have confirmed, up to 17kmph innacurate at 100kph. In a nanny state like victoria, you just can't be doing that.