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VIC Done by the EPA

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by speccie27, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. So I have been done by the EPA for my Vance & Hines and now have to get it swapped over for the originals to get it through the noise test. Damn bad luck if you ask me...Some jobsworth cop in Healesville with nothing to do on Labor day - got done while on the Black Spur.


    Does this count as 1 strike under Hoon Laws? And does my 3 demerit points for running a red count as another? I would really not like to get my lovely XVS650 crushed...
  2. no, all you do is present to an epa testing station and get it tested, at your expense, if you fail you could be fined or be given a set number of days to get it fixed then you present to the epa station again, at your expense to get it retested, if you fail again you could/most likely get fined and be defected proper.
  3. So did the Policeman pull you over randomly? Or was it bacause your bike is overly loud? Or did he notice that your pipe is an aftermarket one and then give you the notice? Or did you not get pulled over and got the notice in the mail?

    Or something not covered in the above questions?

  4. Any copper can by virtue of opinion, take down your plate and issue an EPA infringement. Some regular Harley riders in Acland street st kilda have been known to get done getting their regular saturday coffee. The first they know about it is the letter in the mail.
  5. Yeah - mine was a letter in the mail....

    I never knew anything - could he have clocked my rego from the side of the road? It says it was on the Moroondah Highway. I am suspecting that it was actually when we were in Beechworth Bakery in Healesville itself...

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    Wondering about this. Because my Ducati 1100 is stock, but very loud. What happens if I get pinged, present to the EPA station, and DON'T pass the test.?
  7. If it is stock, then it must be legal as tall the stock pipes should pass ADR noise levels when sold. That is unless it needs repacking.
  8. ****ing fun police, when will they outlaw laughing?

    do what the bikies do:
    Bung on the stock pipe, get it tested, put the loud one back on!!
  9. I wonder about this. Aren't the ADR permitted levels 94DB?

    I saw a Buell XB12R in Canberra brand new with the compliance plate listing max noise produced as 96DB

    This confused me.
  10. ^^ ADR permitted level is measured at 4,000 RPM (I think).
    If your max is 96DB, it's probably much lower then that at 4,000
  11. 5500 RPM at 1 metre,

    They have to check it at different angles away from the exhaust,

    My welder was running on the back of my truck charging the battery as I was coming home,
    I got a letter in the mail to front the Tester, I passed, as the welder was not running,
    Still cost me $50-00 or so, to get it checked,
  12. Should come out of the officer's paycheque, it's the only way it's remotely fair.
  13. I believe that if you get done wrongly, you should get compensation for your troubles,

    Day off work, Cost of compliance, And other costs involved, Full restitution, not this scale of costs crap.

    The cops use this discretion to their advantage, Excess noise, with out factual evidence,
    Its just a way to really get up your nose and hip pocket and they know it,
    And they push it,
    Its no skin off their nose, They dont have to pay any thing, You do,
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  14. Correct.
  15. Not really fair on the officer to get his pay docked if you change your exhaust back though.


    See [MENTION=35209]spruce[/MENTION] and [MENTION=19602]RoderickGI[/MENTION] I don't hate cops just criticising their reporting.
  16. Just as a thought experiment, consider the following extreme hypothetical:

    Parliament passes a law that makes it illegal to defend yourself against anyone who attempts to rob, assault, rаpe, or kill you; you're required to just cooperate. The penalty for violating this law is summary execution 90 minutes after arrest.

    A few days later you're walking down the street and some person pulls a knife and says "Give me your wallet, and your anal virginity!". You think "this law is stupid. It was thought up by stupid people, passed by stupid people, and should not be respected", so you defend yourself by punching the aggressor in the throat. A police officer watched the entire thing unfold, and chooses to enforce the unjust law, even knowing what will happen to you as a result.

    At this point, you have a choice: Submit and be destroyed for doing something that kept you safe, or stand up and try to defend yourself against government oppression, which may mean that you have to kill the police officer to survive, depending on his dedication to your persecution.

    Meanwhile, if he'd done his job by keeping you safe from the riffraff, this situation would never have developed.

    At what point do we stop taking it in the ass from the government, or do we just lube the path up our cornholes to make their travels easier?
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  17. I didn't say that the law was just (I agree with you there), just that the officer shouldn't pay.

    In your example making the cop pay is like saying that the law should be changed so that the victim is allowed to **** any cop if they are raped. Making it more unjust is not the right way, it should be repealed.
  18. I am not talking about changing an exhaust for the EPA,

    I am talking about an exhaust that is compliant,

    But the copper has just booked you for not complying, Using his powers to financially hurt you,
    These are the ones that Piss me off,

    And they should be held accountable for it.
  19. Is this really common?

    The issue with the welder in this thread is the first time I have heard of someone getting pinged for a stock.

    Personally wish they stuffed it up more often then there would be outrage when "Mum and Dad voters" got pinged, and it would impact on votes and might get changed.
  20. So lets say if you had a stock exhaust.. and its loud.. like another bloke who posted in this thread, and got a ticket.. and had to go take a day off work, do the test, blah blah blah.

    He should pay for the opportunity? because the cop has sensitive hearing and there's nothing wrong with the blokes exhaust, if its stock and it is able to be sold.. theres nothing wrong with it, obviously if its got a hole in it and is loud and needs to be fixed then thats your problem.

    BUT if there is NOTHING wrong with it and its stock, you shouldn't have to pay for the test to be done..

    There should be some sort of refund or you shouldn't have to pay for it.