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Donchya hate it when.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lil, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. ...you've been out for a leisurely ride on a hot day, but when you get home you can't get your leathers off????

    I'm stuck with my pants at my knees and can't get them any further down at the moment :oops: :oops: :LOL:

  2. ooooh, there's sooo many ways to respond to this one... :wink:

  3. Easy, you call me, i leave work early, come over, help take them off, we have a few drinks and :wink: :wink: . then we dont tell any one so i dont get my head beat in :) all good.
  4. Volunteers??
  5. Oooh Lil, you will just have to sit there and wait to cool down. Its a hideous thing - I know I get frantic. Sunday - Broadford - time to call it a day. One of our friends is stuck in the same predicament as you and not one of the boys will help!! So I offer, cos I know what it feels like. So she sits down on the those bucket type seats and holds on to the arms of the chair and I grab the bottom of one of the legs and pull, all that happened was that she had to grip the arms of the chair harder to avoid being pulled off it, but the leathers didn't move, we tried a few times - it was good for a laugh and all the boys then gathered around to watch but no-one else offered to help!! So she sat as you are now and waited to cool down.:(

    I chickened out and got into the car with my leather pants still on. By the time I got home I was able to get out of them. :grin:
  6. So....................what do you do with your pants around your knees? :wink: :cool:

    You get on Netrider :? :p :LOL:
  7. Might do the trick...
  8. We saw you today :grin: Having a food break at healesville and kinkybinky says "heeeey, here comes a ducati, can tell by the sound" and a little bit later, a familar bike comes into view and I go "I think that's Lil" and taadaa, the number plate shows as you went past us and yup, it's Lil. :)

    It was a NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE day around st andrews/kinglake/healesville/etc for a ride. Hardly any traffic at all and it was cool there until we got to ringwood on the way back to pop in to say hi to Johnny-O at his work. Now relaxing at home in front of the cooler.....

  9. Damn!
    I kept reading that, hoping it was going to turn into one of thos "I always thought the reader's letters were fake until..." letters.

  10. And don't forget - 'there's nary a creature alive that can outrun a greased Scotsman'! Right, Stookie?

    :p :LOL:
  11. Pfff its your own fault for having such long long legs….I never have that problem…mind you I don’t own any leather pants so that may be a little help why I never get stuck in leather pants ;-) :cool:
  12. I was like this last Friday after watching your husbands ass for a few hours ;)

    I just stood in front of the fan for 10 mins then started peeling :LOL:
  13. So does that mean the honeymoon is over :p
  14. Triway...the reason for the post was 'cos I knew I'd get a laugh from the responses....and what else am I supposed to do when I'm hobbled by my pants?????? :p

    The honeymoon ain't over :wink: , its just that my husband with the lovely arse (interesting you noticed that, Booga!! :p :LOL: :LOL: ) is at work.

    Undii...I didn't recognise either of the bikes I saw when we went through Healesville :oops: I would have stopped there if I knew. I took mum for her first ride through the Black Spur today and she loved it! :cool: Had a cool drink with Raphael at the roadhouse before coming back home.

  15. :idea: I've heard rumours that lemon ruskies remove girls' pants pretty quick, Lil... I don't know how many though or how you make them do that, I just heard is all...
  16. you also knew that WE would also get a laugh too :LOL: :cool:
    so Did you try the lemon ruskies??? :twisted:
    o yea and Booga.....Bad boy....BAD BAD boy!