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Doncha just love Sundays

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by bigwheels, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. Righto, been at work for the past seven days and on Sunday I was invited for a ride with a group of riders from a branch of my workplace. Sure thing! Me and a couple of mates rocked up under the threat of rain and thunderstorms.

    Early start looked good , thunderclouds in the distance but the air was cool and inviting. We got as far a Myrtleford and the heavens opened so we pulled up to ponder wether to keep going or put the tail between the legs and head home. No we are not sunshine bikies but those who know Tawonga gap will know it`s not much fun in the rain.

    We found the other twenty or so riders enjoying breaky in Bright and were introed to lots of people whose names I have already forgotten. Good blokes all, and one lady. A rose amongst the thorns.

    Heading over Tawonga Gap was taken steady for a start. It`s funny but when you ride with a new group you don`t know who`s who, especially their riding ability! The road soon separated the more determined riders and I was witness to some cruisers being very un-cruiser like. Even the learners did a great job and hopefully will be back for more. We may be quick and smooth but geez we are getting to be an old bunch, so good on ya learners you did yourselves proud.

    The rest of the day was spent wearing the tyres out at Falls Creek, followed by lunch and a few yarns and finally home through Happy Valley in the thunderstorm that had been threatening all day.

    It was a great day no doubt helped by the friendliness of some biking strangers. Other non riding folk I spoke to had a hard time with the concept of spending the day with a group of people they don`t know. Pity them, dunno, were they envious, you bet!

    Sorry it`s a bit long, but some days everything just comes together and despite the weather and the exploding sunscreen (long story for another day) I had a ball.

    Bring on the next ride and long live the riding brotherhood.
  2. One of my fav roads...Mt Beauty to Falls Creek...I gotta ride a day to just to get there...ok I'm envious
  3. I hope for your sake that`s not the closest twisty road! Geez I grumble when I have to travel for a hour before the fun starts.