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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by ozfz6nguy, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Woohoo!!

    Today, after 6 odd years of riding, I join the ranks of those of us whom have donated to Steve Bracks' retirement pension fund.

    While on my way to uni a kInD and FrIeNdLy police officer pulled me over and suggested I was doing 25kph over the limit in a 70 zone. It was not my maintained speed, I had just pulled out from a side street and was accelerating to stay ahead of oncoming traffic. The NiCe, CoNsIdErAtE officer was well hidden from the view of oncoming traffic (at the bottom of a hill), perfect place to PrOtEcT tHe CoMmUnItY. Serves me right for taking an alternate route to uni for a change.


    Now before anyone says "just cop it sweet" or some such.. I intend to, I broke the law and will pay the fine. However, I will complain about the "speed kills" philosophy and the "revenue raising" tactics often employed. There are places where I believe that the speed limit is too low for the particular road, surrounding environment and conditions, conversely I also believe that there are places where the speed limit is a little high etc. I generally drive/ride accordingly. My first two years of riding were hopeless, I had 3-4 crashes (only one was directly my fault - it was my first time out on the bike and I slipped in some oil. All of the others were cars running stop signs or red lights etc). For the last 4 years I have not had any incidents, in fact I have avoided many 'blind', 'mindless' car drivers doing 'stupid' maneuvers by riding as I generally do, according to my perception of what is safe.

    Where I got booked today, the road goes under a freeway. There are three lanes each way with walls either side of the road. I was on the downhill slope of the road as it went under the freeway. There are no houses, driveways, side streets (after the one I pulled out from). I got in front of most of the traffic and got into a good lane position and was slowing down a bit to flow with the traffic when I saw the police car with its lights flashing. He had clocked me at my peak speed as I was accelerating in front of much of the traffic.

    I believe this incident to be more biased towards revenue raising then road safety as the officer had positioned himself where oncoming traffic could not see him (or be warned of his presence), where it is reasonably safe to do a few k's over the limit (as much of the other traffic was doing) and where he could easily pick people off at the bottom of a hill. There are dozens of places near by where it is very unsafe to travel with any significant speed, however these are all low traffic volume areas where people sUrPrIsInGlY don't speed too often! It's much easier for him to raise revenue where he was then to prevent accidents on some of the other more deserving streets.

    After being booked I did the whole "OMG I have to abide by the speed limit at all times regardless of all other road conditions" thing. And was swamped with cars cutting me off and tailgating me the whole way to uni. What a fun ride that was, I felt sooo SaFe being caught up with all of the 'mindless' cars instead of ahead of them with a buffer zone.


    Wow, I just had to get that off my chest.