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Donations for Children's Hospital - Kangaroo Valley Ride on Sat

Discussion in 'NSW' started by OneStar, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. To all those planning to join the ride to Kangaroo Valley on Saturday....

    Dear friends of mine are currently watching over their 14 year-old son at the Randwick Children's Hospital. He is in the Intensive Care Unit and it is really touch and go if he will make it. I would like to suggest to those so inclined to make a donation to the hospital of any amount as part of the ride on Saturday. Please - there is NO OBLIGATION on anyone and any amount whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.

    I have ben in contact with Chrome about this and last thing we want is for this to be a distraction to the safety on the ride; thus I am posting separately to the main thread. I also know we are all continously asked to make donations and it does become a drag. In some ways this is a selfish request on my part to give some purpose to my decision to have fun during such a tragic time for my friends.

    If you are so inclined - and again, no worries if your not - could you put a donation in an envelope with your name and address on it, and I will collect at the KV lunch stop? I will arrange to send you a tax-deductable receipt.

    Can't wait until Saturday!

    Kind regards,

  2. My wife and I lost a child last year. It's farking tough and something I have deep sympathy for.

    Is there any way I can donate outside of being there?
  3. That's really thoughtful mate. I am going to PM you separately.

  4. I really feel for them, I lost a teenage daughter and it is tough!! Did he pull through?
  5. I have two teenage daughters; I can't imagine how you were able to manage your loss. Amazingly, it looks like my friends' son is going to make it. It really was touch and go. He still has a very tough time ahead but at least he will be with us. Thanks for your concern.

  6. Thats great about your friend's son, really good to hear. Actually riding a motorbike has helped me a lot, taking up a new interest, being among people with the same passion. "Compassionate Friends", a support group for those who have lost a child has also helped.