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Donate some money, help a boy with epilepsy, go in to the running to win some prizes!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by evader, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. Posting for John at High Octane:

    Hi all. Not sure what the legalities are with this, but High Octane Motorcycles would like to help raise some money for this little man. Details need to be finalised as to where money needs to be sent to, but we ask all to pledge whatever money they can. Up for grabs, include:

    A brand new Pagsta Eagle 150 scooter (valued at $3500 ride away and an additional $500 worth of riding accessories to this prize winner)

    Subsequent prizes include:

    A Major Service (or two minor services),

    A seperate Minor service,

    A set of MX/Enduro Tyres,

    And a set of Road tyres.

    Please fell free to contact John at High Octane Motorcycle on 03 9465 3555 or 0433 OCTANE (62 82 63) with your donation amount, and im thinking we put all the names into an hat and let little Marco pick out the lucky winners of all the prizes.

    News article about the boy:

    C'mon, great cause and good work by the guys at High Octane.
  2. Yep, i'll try and free some money for this.
  3. Yep, at least a $20 from me, see what further I can do
  4. Yay for High Octane!!

    I'll be up for this.